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Adams vti deck update 21/4/14 white wheels and detail


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Hi all as mentioned in my newbies thread I've just got back into another aerodeck, however this one being an mc2 as oppose to the old mc1.

Here's how I got her from the previous owner.




And when I got her back home.


Proper filthy but when the weather breaks and I get some free time she will get completely cleaned and detailed everywhere.

So far she's got ATR recaros fitted.




Also got a spoon n1 replica to go on and a pipercross viper to be fitted as soon as she's cleaned up.


Currently running toyo t1r's all round too so she handles beautifully.

My first mod done is the remote fob now having xbox 360 buttons :D as the original rubbers had gone


So that's the story to now having owned her for 24 hours haha.

My list of plans are as follows

Clean everywhere

Source the water leak filling the spare wheel well

Fix the sticky front windows as they are soooooo slow

Fix all dents and scratches. ( she's not going to win any beauty contests like she is at the moment)

Service/ poss strip down and replace all seals and gaskets and cam belt, pump etc.

re bush everything

Adjustable camber arms

rear anti roll bar

Exhaust system

Spoiler extension (will do a how to on this)

Eventually go for some more power but undecided on the N/A or forced induction route yet.

Thanks for looking guys and girls and if you see me around or are ever up in Rotherham/ Sheffield give us a shout and we can meet.

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Nice start and some great plans.

Have a look at your rear quater windows, they are bonded in and when thie goes can cause the water in the spare wheel well.

Thanks unibike will look in the morning.

Do you have any idea why the front windows go slooooooooooooooooooow??

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Good start, proper loooowww...


I love the xbox buttons on the key fob, would be better if it was ps3 buttons... ;)

That can be done too. If I can get hold of another I will make a how to do thread on it.

Thanks for all the comments guys. And yes she is low but not that low she can't get anywhere. I think it looks awesome but does need bigger wheels but hey got to prioritise things. Need her running sweet as a nut before any tuning commences.

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