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  1. The new owner drove away today and messaged me when he got back to say he loved the drive and the sound. I will definitely miss this car
  2. No mate. It sold through Facebook. He knows the forum but doesn't use it. Thanks I will miss this car but sadly needs to go.
  3. @dave79 it's ok mate I am based in Birmingham. Pm me if you want to discuss anymore. I am gona share some more pics here
  4. Change in circumstances mate. EJ9 is the cheaper option in every way for now. Tax insurance and fuel. I had lots of fun in the Aerodeck and I would love to keep her but it's not possible atm.
  5. I am selling the Aerodeck and first place I have decided to put the ad on is here. So here it goes Honda Civic 1.8 Vti Aerodeck 143K Mileage MoT till August 2017 Cambelt Changed last year Strong Engine. Doesn't burn any Oil Doesn't have much Service History. Old MoTs and some old Receipts present. I have receipts for Cambelt change and 2 services that I had done to it. No Rust at all on the Arches Mods: Full Vtis Kit with Mid Spoiler Lenso BSX alloys 15"x7.5j Direnza Coilovers Whales Pe**s Induction Kit Japspeed 4-1 Manifold M2 Adjustable Decat Toyo Sports Catback De-Chromed Headlights All Bump Strips Color Coded Mesh Grill Air Conditioning Removed Rear Viper removed Customised Stickers and Seat Belt Pads Vtis Gear Knob Engine Bay Dress up Bits and Rocker Cover sprayed Calipers sprayed USDM front lights JDM Taillights LED interior,number plate and sidelights Excellent Fogs with yellow tint Pioneer Cd Player with Remote Control Pressed Metal Plates with Surrounds Bad Points: As expected with the car of its age got scratches and stone chips on bonnet but it cleans up well Clutch has been a bit hard since I bought the car but its never bothered me. I have bought a new Exedy Clutch Kit for £88 which I can sell for £75 with the car Advisory of Trailing arm bushes need replacing Tracking might needs doing CD Player stays on even when car switch off but I just remove the front plate every time I stop Small patch the size of 10p coin at the bottom of rear door Handbrake goes a bit high. Might needs adjusting Asking Price £1800. For full price i will include following standard parts with the car Manifold Cat Midpipe and Backbox Side Skirts Good condition Suspension
  6. I had tinted my fogs with yellow tint film but it started bubbling and didn't look very nice so I got some Sunshine Yellow glass paint and it looked much better than the faded tint film Also sprayed the surrounds to give them a fresh look Front end looks much better now with proper yellow fogs I also painted my Cree sidelight bulbs yellow to match the fogs and I love the result One of my number plate lights had stopped working so bought a fresh pair of lights Thinking of doing them yellow also to match the front but I am not too sure about that?
  7. stevie's Mb2 'shadow' ❤

    Black with a red H might look better but nothing wrong with it giving it a try. You might even like it. Also Red looks better than yellow. Well at least in the pics you have made