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  1. I had it on but the one I got isn't really great quality. Need a better one
  2. Looking forward to the alloys sprayed and fitted. She is gonna look nice. Love all the changes so far. Looking fresh
  3. So I went to Elan Valley and took some nice shots of the deck. What a beautiful place it is. Fell in love with it. Just one disappointment was the water level was low so no spillway action but may be next time. Hope you guys like the pics
  4. Thanks Bro. MA is really nice. Looking forward to modding it with you
  5. I put screws under it and then fill all gaps with super glue so it sticks nicely and then sprayed it after that
  6. I haven't updated the thread for a while. Quite a few updates to go through. I found a VTIS lip and mid Spoiler. First job VTIS lip. Primered Pirates Black baby Lacquered Vti Lip No Lip VTIS Lip I have done a little twist to the VTIS lip. I got a rhino lip and fitted that on first and then sprayed it pirates Black. I think looks really nice as the front looks massive with it Loving it
  7. That Pirates Black looks mint in the engine bay
  8. Welcome back mate. Looking forward to this build. Sounds like it will be awesome when finished
  9. Thanks guys. @Dave done a lot of spraying on 3 Ms I have owned so far so lots of practice lol. I will definitely make a project on there. Cheers
  10. Just took this one to compare the difference between the two colours. Black definitely looks much more aggressive All done. Love it
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