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  1. It was bought by a jap enthusiast who is local to me and already have a couple of amazing machines but he wanted an Aerodeck so jumped into the auction last second and snatched it. He was happy to see the car and how good it looked so hopefully it will be staying in one piece and I will see it in some local meets
  2. I have bought a 07 plate 1.4 iDSI for now. I have always liked that shape. Started with the base model. Might get the 1.8 or 2.2 next
  3. Car is on Ebay atm if anyone is interested in bidding. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F293421025860 Honda Civic 1.8 VTI Aerodeck 147k mileage MoT August 20 Full vtis lip kit Mid spoiler not fitted but it will come with the car Vtis alloys sprayed pirates black Wind deflectors De chromed headlights All bump strips and rear number plate strip colour coded Mesh grill Rhino lip on front Yellow tinted sidelights and fog lights. Both perfectly fine fog lights Rear JDM taillight mod done Catback exhaust welded onto the cat. Sounds deep and sporty Accord gear knob like vtis one but without the writing on it Cheap induction kit Last serviced 27/06/19 Rear trailing arm bushes done Both driveshafts replaced with brand new ones from j&r 4 wheel alignment done recently Pulls well no smoke in or out of vtec BAD Points: There is oil leak in engine bay. I have been told it's probably the cam cap seal leaking. I have got another one that will come with the car along with a rocker cover seal Abs light keeps coming on and off Sometimes it's hard to change gear specially if you rev it high but on other occasions smooth gear change. I looked into it and found out it could be slave cylinder needs replacing. I have got new one which will come with the car. Sometimes I feel the car takes longer to warm up in winter then it should but I never had any issues with fluctuating temperature though. I still got a thermostat from japserviceparts that will also come with the car Body work is good. No rust on arches but it has quite a few scratches that bother me so machine polish is required. No dents. Some lacquer peel on the front bumper There is a leak on the driver's side top pillar Driver's side window goes up and down properly but when it reaches the top it keeps trying to go up. Minor problems nothing major but I am just being as honest as possible in description. Follow on instagram @honda.4.life to view many more pictures of the car.
  4. I had it on but the one I got isn't really great quality. Need a better one
  5. Looking forward to the alloys sprayed and fitted. She is gonna look nice. Love all the changes so far. Looking fresh
  6. So I went to Elan Valley and took some nice shots of the deck. What a beautiful place it is. Fell in love with it. Just one disappointment was the water level was low so no spillway action but may be next time. Hope you guys like the pics
  7. Thanks Bro. MA is really nice. Looking forward to modding it with you
  8. I put screws under it and then fill all gaps with super glue so it sticks nicely and then sprayed it after that
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