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The Daily PT2 of the White Collection."This Is Not a Project is the it's the family ride lol"


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Would love one on mine too! Scuffed pretty badly in places and am quite reluctant to have the bumper re sprayed without some form of protection on that bit!

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Thats a great photo mate!! Shame about the shadow as you mentioned!

Cant wait to see these at fest mate getting real excited now! It'll be my first meet and by god it'll be a great way to start my 'attended meets' list!!!!

As for the rear bumper protector when i finally respray it (a while away yet!) im just going to cut a neat strip of wrap to stick there and chuck a honda decal in the center... Will look OEM then even tho will be far from it!! Lol

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My parking area is down the road with the worst speedbumps on planet earth...!!!  :shock:

oh no :( the easiest ones are the ones that are two humps on either side of the road, worst are tall short ones!

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Hello all 

update time 

first I sold my steel wheels the black which were

front 15x8j

rear 15x9j

I then got fresh new steel wheels the got them banned

front 16x8.5j

rear 16x9j

I then got the sent to a friend the specialize in wheel refub to spray the wheels in a candy red the changes .



need to see in parson for full effect ,on a sunny day is best.

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