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The Daily PT2 of the White Collection."This Is Not a Project is the it's the family ride lol"


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That is an awesome looking deck hubert! The steels suit it down to the ground.

One qusetion tho, the black bit on the top of the rear bumper by the rear hatch, is that something you have stuck on top or a load cover for the boot that covers the top of the bumper as well? only asking as mine is battered from loading stuff in the boot and scuffing the bumper and wanted to protect it somehow




Thanks Dom,I brought the car with it,it's paint the last owner used to carry god knowns what in the back,I'm still finding small stones and stuff.

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Hubert looks to have the oem protector. I've been looking for one for ages!

It's paint Tom,after a respray I'm keeping it.

I need to blackout the number plate surround and badges.

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