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VTI-S project, hopefully H2B conversion. (Picture Heavy)


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been researching more about this h2b conversion and i really want to run recliners and harness's but looks like i'm going to lose rear seats =/ grr! also a h2b header (manifold) is not essential as you can heat up the stock h22 manifold and bend it down at the bend (works as few people do this) as it sits too high on the flange end. (eg/ek/dc2 reference) although it would be nice to get one but depends on what route i want to take when i get there.


also the QSD oil pan looks sexy!  but i will decide on that when i see clearance issues when its in as it costs $499 = £308 



Toyo sports exhaust sounds lovely (also running a 4-2-1 stainless manifold with a resonated stainless decat) no rasp with a nice deep tone, but yeah it knocks like hell when its cold till i can add this 2" section in. i would recommend it for the tone but the clamp i got with mine was s**te and i bought a D clamp, its not long enough so needs extending and i did find out a lad i know had his centre section welded a few times due to it not being very thick and scraping on bumps (depends on how low your car is)


i dont have access to a welder either  :-| 


*Update for VTI-S parts"

Wing Mirrors



*Update for Deck Parts*

Fanblade wheels with T1Rs

Rocker Cover

Rear Trailing arms with new bushes

JDM rear LCA's 


*Update for H2B Parts list (picking up next week)* 
(i know i have these already on mine but will be better to have these so i can sell my engine as a full conversion  :geek:


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haha not much to take photo's of really guys, ill start a new album on Photobuket and ill keep adding my H2B parts into it  8-)


Here are the Fanblades for the deck with near enough brand new T1r's on, got these for a bargain but in need of a refurb!  :-D





Rocker cover for the Deck


Trailing arms for the deck with new bushes and JDM lca's (ready for when i find some dc2 suspension fot it)



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