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VTI-S project, hopefully H2B conversion. (Picture Heavy)


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i got new rear lca bolts from a place called Hawk Fasteners, just took an old bolt in... At a guess if you tell them its for a car manifold which reaches upto XXX degrees they will be able to help choose :geek:  

description on the ebay add..

"Precision machined, stainless steel finish withstands 900° F! This means no more leaky headers, snapped studs, taping or drilling! Renew you old hardware with these hex allen drive studs in seconds!"

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Darlington is 20 minutes away from me as well :) but i'm going to source the h22a7 with the red valve cover which is 212bhp, a local lad is rebuilding one now and he messaged me this, would still need to find ancillaries like and wouldn't have a H series gearbox to sell to make money back but peace of mine of a full rebuild and is cheap for what it is with work being carried out :)

"It's a bare engine mate, I'm just rebuilding it as we speak, new shells, new cam belt and water pump plus a manual tensioner (so no auto fails as these are common) and headgasket & studs. Yes it's the 212 a7 lump from an atr I have 3, this one came out from one I broke."


I just need to decide is it really necessary to pay that little bit more for an extra 12bhp when i could save hundreds potentially but then i risk having to fork that back out down the line on rebuild/service/belts etc... i also still need to find a third car as well lol

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