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VTI-S project, hopefully H2B conversion. (Picture Heavy)


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i suppose a lot of the money is paying into the rebuild and peace of mind with new belts etc, i plan on a year build so i don't mind paying the extra as im not going to rush it :) but then again i would much prefer to buy a full donor and see it running and drive it! 

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Find out why it is getting rebuilt firstly, is he competent at building a decent engine?

Round here there are a few guys who rebuild engines, most of them are knocking engines (bottom end/bearings/shells). The get the crank polished/grinded and just throw in another set of ACL bearings and your good to go... For a month or few til it starts knocking again as the tolerances are incorrect etc.


A proper rebuild is expensive and time consuming, checking you have the right colour colour bearings etc etc.

Most Honda cranks are 'nitrate' coated (unsure if its nitrate or what the proper name is!), and polising or grinding them removes this..

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ive put my engine conversion up for sale to see what the interest is and ill go look at that one in darlington (cheers jay)

@beast i assume he does as he is building a h22a7 turbo atr and has another atr as a dailly and im not sure if he bought another to break or he broke an engine as i was only enquiring if he still had the engine but definitely some good points to bring to the table much appreciated



how come im unable to post in the for sale section? :/

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Got to be up to 200 posts mate im afraid .. Then get your membership ..


Would defo prefer to see a car running before spending the cash on an engine that you've never heard/seen ..



Newbies aren't allowed to publicly sell on the forum but you're welcome to on the Facebook group if you're on it! :)

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