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Aerodeck VTI Daily... (Picture Heavy)


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Well my girlfriend has the Aerodeck VTI and I have the VTI-S, I've started a project thread on mine so thought i would do one from hers seems as though its getting a few bits on it now, bought couple of years ago on about 113k (now on 128k)


Work Carried out.


Started off needing a release bearing so changed that and the clutch and a service, 

then it was undersealed, 

then i bought a VTI front splitter,

then the ARB drop links,

then i bought a VTI-S lip kit,

then someone reversed into it and it got a new door and wing (poorly sprayed),

then brake lines front to back,

then another service,

then front shocks,

then tracking,

then back box,

then manifold and cat,

then it got some 15" Fanblades with near new Toyo T1R tyres.


Probably missed stuff but will edit later.



Next week im picking up a few new parts for it  8-) 


Rear trailing arms with new bushes,

JDM rear LCA's,

Silver door,

Silver wing,

Rocker cover,



Future Plans


OEM DC2 Suspension,

Exhaust (currently winning one on ebay, and will be putting my stainless manifold on when i go H2B),
Fog Lights (see what plastic alternatives i can fit),
Rear passenger arch repair (slight bit of surface rust but still solid and undersealed),

Top arms,

Removal of resonator box,


How i bought it...





Then i bought a VTI lip1073128_10151589223252685_1617709274_o_z


Then I bought a VTI-S lip kit 






Under the Sideskirts before undersealing!



Damn Exhaust! =/  angrymod.gif1 



His and Hers  8-) 



New Rocker Cover



tracking had to get done  :shock: 



New wheels



Little one Cleaning the wheels lol






My girlfriend got involved and changed her own wheels  :mrgreen: (can just see the surface rust which hasn't changed in two years lol but i undersealed the lip and inside)




Before and after.



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@Tom definitely worth getting for winter wheels! i bought these with near enough new T1R's for £125 delivered!! the T1R's are on offer on ebay for £138 delivered for 4 iirc.


@Grant hahaha!!!


@Chandler i down shifted into a roundabout flew round it and the exhaust give up the ghost lol i knew what it was straight away but looking at it i think it was due to go anytime, luckily i had a spare in the garage and a spare cat! 


cheers everyone, this one is a bit slower than the mb6 build lol but it's my girlfriends and her daily so it is more about tidying it up and keeping it roadworthy more than anything else, will look completely different on dc2 suspension again! 

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