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  1. Looks soo much better with the 34 GT-R wheels thum
  2. Looks nice Thomas, did you buy that from Bristol by any chance as the garage looks familiar to me.
  3. From some angles it doesn't look too bad then you see it from others and its f**king horrible!
  4. I think they were from a 2004 from memory.
  5. I had MG ZS Skirts on my MB6 and they were a direct fit using the same fixings that were holding the original skirts on the car.
  6. Yeah i see a lot of classic Fords for sale for silly money, it can't last. It must be a phase...
  7. Gone but never forgotten lol
  8. Looks good Phil. I almost bought a MK2 CRV as i wanted the 2.2d in the end i went for a MK3 2.0 Petrol. Really nice mobile armchair! Set the cruise control and off you go!
  9. What are you going to get to replace it?
  10. Not a fan of the blue one, but the white one would be good. Seen a Tourer with FK2 running gear and body kit on a forum somewhere the other day it looked wicked!
  11. Does that mean this is for sale then?
  12. Me and a mate did his car with this stuff, it was really good. That was going back quite a few years ago, and was soo much cheaper than Dynamat.
  13. If you dont take the trim off to wrap it, it may look a bit s**t and peel off though!
  14. Can you let us know the part codes for the mb6 and the DC2 one? As im sure i read they were the same.
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