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    BOV vents the pressure in the intercooler pipework to atmosphere when the throttle closes. If you don't run one, then that air will have to makes it way back to the turbo. Some info suggests that this stalls the turbo. I don't think it's a major issues at all especially with low boost levels like this. I wouldn't worry too much about the hondata right now. Just run a socketed P28 and find a tuner that uses Crome or similar software.
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    That old rickity shed is going, and next to where it sits just now is where the new double garage is getting built.
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    There we go, gives you an idea. House looks small in the photo but is huge inside......one maaassive living room and a corridor so long we keep losing each other in the house! Been using the civic5 walkie talkies for when I'm away over in the garage working! lol Garden looks a lot different to those photos now as we've been busy pulling out weeds and I've started power washing the tar parking bit to get all the old moss off it (its covered in it, or at least it was!)