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  1. Gutted for you mate, worth putting up the VIN number and engine number up too mate, if one does come up for breaking in your local area it will be easy to identify with your VIN and engine numbers. Harv
  2. I know it's in the stroker kit section, but check the piston section. Same prices.
  3. Is that not just the 85mm pistons? That's what I'd make out from the title.
  4. Well, Since getting my Jordan in October my MB3 has sat there looking sorry for itself, after numerous failed attempts to sell him, a couple of wasted deposits and numerous time wasters, he has finally gone Thought I'd be glad to see the back of it but I actually feel pretty empty looking at the parking space he once occupied. On a brighter note, the new owner is one of my best mates, who lives 2 minutes from me and will be having me do any work to it throughout his ownership. Was my first car, bought him when I was 16 and spent a lot of time and money on him, farewell Dimitri, we had a good old run Harv
  5. Car is looking spot on mate! As said via PM, I'm glad you're happy with the wheel, it's good to see it's been fitted to such a well cared for example
  6. Exedy OEM every time for me, my Jordan is still on the original it left the factory with, just clocked 170,000 miles, including a couple of full trackdays worth of abuse and it's not even slipping yet. If I remember right the Exedy OEM items are tested to 300bhp, I know for definite TGM run the OEM Exedy part in their DC5 race cars, which are obviously abused to death every time they're used. They have the option to use some kind of paddle / stage 1+ clutch but say the OEM one is more than enough, that's good enough for me! If mine has lasted 170k even with track use then it's obviously good stuff. Also, if you want a DC2 flywheel drop me a message, got one here, £25 + postage. Harv
  7. 240bhp at the wheels with that spec? Or have you not mentioned the turbo it used to run? Oh, and B16A2 in mine
  8. Is it just a standard UK length decat pipe? Around 17" or so? If so I really recommend the Japspeed baffled one, great build quality and not badly prices, even new! I like the baffled design too, whenever I've had a normal decat pipe it's mate my cars too raspy, especially on the overrun. Harv
  9. Definitely shouldn't be like that! Request a replacement mate. Harv
  10. So it's not a rare occurrence then? One of my mates snapped one on his Del Slow too, but the opposite side. Going to get one ordered up for the other side, I was going to buy both sides at once but wanted to check the quality of them before buying a pair, and I must say, I am most impressed. They look better built than OEM and I'm sure the replacement is thicker! Yep, it's a very good system, just waiting for my proper Toad proximity sensor to arrive before we set about fitting it. My Dad is in the auto electrician / in car entertainment / locksmith trade so will be done good an proper
  11. Thanks mate, yeah I don't know what happened there. I've had an old boy who I think was an engineer, machinist or something, have a look at it and he was showing me the stages it had been twisting in before it finally snapped. Yeah, sorry about the pictures, usually only got my phone on me, here's one off the camera though Bit clearer Harv
  12. What are you lot like, I don't think the missus would be too impressed if her pictures were plastered all over the internet lol. Haven't updated this for a while so this is quite a big one, just been copied over from another forum. Well, got a few little updates, and I do mean little. My sister bought me a baffled de-cat for christmas (courtesy of Aaron_vti on here), so I set about getting that on, which was a right b*****d due to one bolt / nut connecting the cat to the b-pipe, the thread was knackered and the nut was just spinning, eventually managed to get it off though. Next up was to attend to something that's been p**sing me off ever since I bought the car, every time I opened the boot I noticed them and instantly shivered lol. These dirty b*****ds: So, I set about giving them a scrub with a detailing brush and APC. Getting there. Much better Just need to order some decent LED 501s for them now. Also, my sister picked up this little dude for me while in M&M world. My dad bought me this for christmas after my last alarm shat itself, so we plan on getting this fitted in a couple of weeks time. It was either a new alarm or a trackday, no point booking a trackday and waking up to no car on the morning because it's been nicked! Well, got a few other bits to do in the next few days but as mentioned at the start. This will be a slow one, waiting on my 300mm flat Broadway to arrive, girlfriend bought me it for xmas but it's still not arrived! Comments more than welcome Harv Well, as I'm sure you've seen from above I f**ked a shaft. So once back from holiday I started to get that sorted. Going from 40oC to -2oC and snow to fit a driveshaft was grim :/ So, back home on the RAC truck it was: And got to work: All better Also, this finally arrived from H-Tune, one of my xmas pressies from the missus. 300mm flat Broadway, can see so much more around me now, surprised cars don't come with larger rear view mirrors as standard to be honest. Also tarted up my spark plug cover as I was bored of the blank silver. And a couple of pictures of how the car stands now, except I have now got some OEM wheel nuts so I could have my centre caps on And spent the day stripping her out so I can get my new Toad alarm fitted. Also off to Kode Performance on Tuesday for a thorough inspection of my rear arches and other imperfections, to decide what route to take to rectify them Just need to order some new arches and will probably have it all done over Easter ready for Mimms and Japfest. Well that's all for now, may give her a good clean up tomorrow if the weather is alright. Next on the books is a full 2 stage paint correction, will do that in a couple of weeks time during my half term. Get her back to Y-56, instead of pastel yellow As always, comments and criticisms welcome Thanks. Harv
  13. Small update, The back end was looking well too busy with 5 badges, so out came the hot air gun, sticky stuff remover and Megs #83 compound. Before: After: Before pictures makes her look pastel yellow, after looks well bright! It's actually about half between both lol, think it looks a bit better. Oh, and here's my VTi girlfriend: Cheers Harv
  14. They're certainly fun, that's for sure Got some wheels planned, but that's a surprise Cheers for all the kind words people, means a lot Harv
  15. Thanks mate, I remember the first time my Dad pointed one out to me on the way to Japfest one year, always liked them from there on. Not a car I'd ever thought I'd own tho to be honest. Not too keen on the interior myself but it is slowly growing on me Harv
  16. Thanks Hopefully it all goes well, progress will be slow tho, with the amount I'm shelling out for insurance! Harv
  17. Thanks mate. I knew most of it was there, I spent almost 2 hours looking over it before I bought it, just to be sure it was what I wanted. Going to order my new arches in the morning, then off to the bodyshop she goes Thanks for all of the kind words from everyone, keep an eye out for updates Harv
  18. Wouldn't swing any other way Honda
  19. Thanks I'm well chuffed with her. Harv
  20. Thanks mate Keep an eye out, I'm on half term from college this week so progress should be made Harv
  21. Thanks mate Yeah hopefully I don't find any unexpected bits. The mods in the list are what's already on it, I've got my own bits planned though Including individual throttle bodies Harv
  22. So, Well, as some of you know, my MB3 is up for sale, this is his replacement. I turned 18, meaning I could insure something a bit better Originally I was looking at a standard VTi but my insurance company wouldn't touch me, but would on a Jordan Probably due to less being crashed etc. I don't have many pictures of her yet but here's a couple from the advert: First thing was to remove the front window tints, I don't like front tints, they would also attract unwanted police attention, not to mention the fact that you could see the glue underneath which looked gay. So, I got cracking, then I decided I wanted it perfect, which meant removing every last bit of tint, even the stuff hidden behind the door cards. Door card off: Tint gone: Much better Wasn't a bad job to do, once I had done the passenger side I knew what was needed to make the driver side as easy as possible, very happy with the overall result, I think it looks far better than tints all round. Next up was to strip the back down and see what I'd be up against rust wise, both arches are starting to bubble, not as bad as some others but still, I wanted to see exactly what was what so I can plan on what to do. Also, I wanted to clean off as much dirt from underneath as possible, obviously dirt gets wet, then you just get a load of damp crap sitting in gaps and so on. Areas for concern: Here's the amount of dirt and s**t that came off! Luckily all of the rust (other than that on the arch) is purely surface, even the inner arch which was a relief! Plan is to get 2 new arches welded in, strip the back down fully, sand off any surface rust that's present and then a full underseal in time for winter. Mods already on her: Top Fuel carbon intake Mongoose cat back exhaust Lowered 30mm on springs Some form of aftermarket alloys, 17x7 Clear side repeaters Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser Got plenty planned for her so keep an eye out, first things first is the work mentioned above. Cheers for looking. Harv
  23. Give your coolant overflow bottle a sniff, does it smell of exhaust fumes? Harv
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