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  1. saj16v

    Burbleboy's Accord

    I myself had a mb6 which i regret selling an ended up buying a bmw E60. Yea I enjoyed the BM but it never gave me that smile which I had in my mb6. After years of searching I bought myself an mb6 VTI-S. Best decision I made.
  2. saj16v

    My new german

    Yep still got it. Taken alot of time to get it straight. Car was in pretty bad shape. The over spray was a pain to get off in the engine bay. Had to replace the wheels as they had alot layers of paint lol. Sneak peak more to come..
  3. saj16v

    My new german

    She's looking good. Not done much yet just a clean up. Getting a alot of interest in the car but it ain't for sale haha
  4. saj16v

    My new german

    I'I here haha. Cars doing great. Use it as my daily now. Sold the BMW 5 series. No need to worry it'sin good hands
  5. saj16v

    Dogg1210 vti-s

    Found the culprit it's the dizzy. Gave it a clean an it started. Been fine for half hour. Now won't start again so it's deffo the dizzy
  6. saj16v

    Dogg1210 vti-s

    Having a problem today car not starting. Civic turns over but not starting up. I get a loud bang from the exhausts. What could it be guy
  7. saj16v

    Dogg1210 vti-s

    It's in safe hands. I do have 3 buyers waiting in the distance for it haha. They going to be waiting for some time lol
  8. saj16v

    Dogg1210 vti-s

    Thanks. It's a great car. I had been looking for one quite some time. It was 8 hour drive there an back. Was worth it tho.
  9. saj16v

    Dogg1210 vti-s

    Hello everyone. I'm the dude who's bought Darrens mb6. Don't worry it ain't going to the breakers. I'm keeping this. I love it. Sorted the little niggles out. I've had two civics before will upload pics of my previous mb6 an em1
  10. saj16v

    4x114 alloys wanted with tyres

    Need some alloys 4x114 with good tyre thread pref 16" nothing over £200
  11. saj16v

    weetec.....part 2

    You have pm
  12. saj16v

    weetec.....part 2

    I want your wheels
  13. saj16v

    My Aerodeck VTiS

    Is right seeing them go on ebay for over 20 quids?