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  1. Cheers bud will be good to get home and finish the wrap got 6d carbon for roof mirrors spoiler and might do rear diffuser too then get front lip do that carbon aswell. Wraps not perfect but cant complain for 1st attempt. Cheers for the invite ill let you now closer to time as working month on off.
  2. Wheels powder coated today just need to finish wrap next week then its booked in for full 3in straight pipe from the cat
  3. Just 1 side skirt rear bumper and roof to go lol
  4. It would probably stop me from getting pulled over as it would be registered as red but then if I had accident insurance would still be void
  5. Apparently you dont need to inform dvla as its temporary
  6. Bored on the boat so little wrapping
  7. Sent down to liverpool for a week so car on hold half done couple funny looks from the old 50 down here but not pulled.....yet lol
  8. That's the plan looked on go compare with wrap declared 100quid cheaper lol
  9. Just checked my insurance and they dont insure wraps ...... argh insurance ain't up for renewal till April so might have to take it off lol
  10. Started to do rear quarter the night and bloody ripped it so try again tomorrow lol
  11. Going to wait and change door handles spoiler shark fin and wing mirrors to carbon black
  12. Been busy at work so not much time to do more so driving around in two tone car gets a lot of strange looks lol done two doors today tho
  13. Cheers mate. Watched a lot of videos lol but found out its nothing as easy as they show you. Little bit of heat is your friend I found out lol
  14. Waiting on more wrap coming tuesday so should have it done by wed. Door handles are a pita to do lol
  15. Thought I'd try red as dont see many
  16. Cheers man hopefully have it done next week
  17. Cheers lads aye no as easy as I thought but front bumper is hardest so that's done lol
  18. Started wrapping the german today lol no easy
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