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  1. Jax

    No Indicators!

    Tries a search but couldn't find exactly what I'm after.... My indicators have stopped working on the stalk and hazard switch. The most I get is the hazard light illuminates on the dash but doesn't flash. I started by looking for the fuse but I can't find it on the fusebox under the dash. Any help appreciated!
  2. Not something I expected to see when I signed in... Dreadful news my thoughts are with the Howe family- stay strong no matter how hard it may seem
  3. Jax

    Flasher relay

    Can anyone tell me where the indicator relay is located in my mb3 and if it's a standard 3 pin relay? Many thanks
  4. Not worth it, but only got caught because I wiped a taxi out and couldn't do one. Happens.
  5. Spooky how similar this is to my MB3 purchase haha, looks like a tidy motor!
  6. Happens when engine is cold, In gear or not, anything above 1500 rpm creates a high pitched whine, lasts for around 2 minutes and then goes away May try and record it tomorrow morning but any ideas from my rough description?
  7. To be honest I wouldn't look too much into stretched rubber (or spacers) until you change to wider rims. I'm guessing you're running 185/55 15 tyres? You'd need bike tyres to get any stretch on the corsa rims, and the cars start life with 175's as it is
  8. Welcome to the forum buddy, Nice colour mb3 and I agree it sits real nice! Definitely due for a wheel change though
  9. Thanks chaps I think we're all clear at the moment but I see where you're coming from and for me the damage has already been done. Once funds are looking good the screen and seals are going to be replaced just to be sure long term
  10. I should have mentioned that Krzys said it was a shed, no offence meant by it I think it looks alright imho. For all those that feel it's ruined- I guess you should all be grateful that not every Civic looks like this But for me, I'm grateful that not all Civics look standard
  11. It's daft that the owner places it as 'show worthy' but it's also daft to not recognise that it has had a lot of time and work put into it- whether people like the car or not? To say it's a shed because it's not to someone's taste is a bit harsh, to say he needs to be shot? That's just stupid.
  12. Sorry i'm gonna get myself a reputation on here for this but I'll say it again- I've seen worse! No doubt it needs some work but it's got potential in my eyes
  13. Thankfully no bolts were harmed in the making of this modification, but thanks for including spare nuts and bolts anyway bud!
  14. Great to see you getting stuck in to this little gem, looks really smart right now
  15. Let's do this ting. Ting done. Sitting lower on the rear because of my tools and old suspension in the boot. The ride is quite firm but it's much more responsive
  16. Welcome to the forum! Looks like a tidy motor, Get some bigger wheels on it and go from there
  17. Will be keeping a close eye on this thread, I have always loved these cars! My parents had a nearly new E reg 2.0 automatic, same colour, same wheels
  18. The dash looks great, good inspiration!
  19. Excellent work! Did you buy a new door or repair it?
  20. To be fair I have the ramp to do all 4 in one go but years ago I used to get 2 jacks and do a side at a time, at least if you run out of time or paint it looks normal either side for a bit lol
  21. Yeah using a friends setup. Much more messy than it looks! Look for Frogtape, curves nicely and next to no paint seep through
  22. Unfortunately not, the owl has absolutely no business being in the thread at all. His name is Steven and he is a shed builder from Nuneaton, I think he has an alpaca too but that's just a rumour.
  23. What's in the box? In other news, this is a small decorative owl- which has nothing to do with the thread.
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