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    Love cars.use to trade in corolla gt's n gti's rwd & fwd.85-91.been thru many other cars.do like my bmw's.had 2.e30 coupe n e36 coupe,but had this vti now for the last 9 years.used every day as a normal car n never had problems...til recently.although I have changed dizzy's twice.decided to spend money on the car and keep it.replaced gearbox n clutch.cheap coilovers pads discs all round.rims,fuel filler neck,seals needed welding.rolled the arches got an air filter even got a vtis splitter sprayed it fit it on.window mechanism sorted.front headlight washer jets fitted.exhaust leak sorted.n now I've got n oil leak.so along with control arms and subframe n tiebar which I need to sumhow try n fit on this model the leak is my next mission...as I keep falling in love with my b18 n don't want to sell it..........!
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  1. Hey guys wonder if you can help.i have a 98 5dr Civic vti and have bought a subframe tiebar & control arms(not factory) having problems finding the right bolts and Arab links to fit my control arms.also I have abs lines running over the current subframe,how do I work around this and where can I find the right links and bolts to fit
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