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    Currently running around in an MB3 LE, don't have a toy at the minute, soon though.....

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  1. Wolfmother

    Sourcing parts

    Thanks for the reply. I've got an mx5 and finding parts for that is ridiculously easy, lots of sites dedicated to spare parts. Doesn't seem as straight forward as that for my mb, would like to keep it going as long as possible.
  2. Wolfmother

    Sourcing parts

    Where do people get parts from for their Mb's? Euros is good for basic things but I'm currently struggling to find auxiliary belts for when I do the cambelt / waterpump.
  3. Wolfmother

    Bleeding coolant

    Great, thanks
  4. Wolfmother

    Bleeding coolant

    Is it just a case of jacking the front end in the air and running the car with radiator cap off to bleed the coolant system?
  5. Wolfmother

    Tow bar on mb3

    No worries, thanks for getting back to me anyway
  6. Wolfmother

    Tow bar on mb3

    Any luck Dave?
  7. Wolfmother

    Tow bar on mb3

    I'm interested in buying it if it's still usable, drop me a pm if you want
  8. Wolfmother

    Tow bar on mb3

    Anyone know if it's possible to mount a tow bar to an mb3? Seen a few decks with them fitted but never any hatches.
  9. Wolfmother

    Master cylinder for non ABS MB3

    After a new MC for my MB3. With or without a resevoir.
  10. Wolfmother

    MB3 non ABS master cylinder

    Looking for a new master cylinder for my MB3 (non ABS) and need some help finding the right one. Part number (I think) - 46100S04L54 Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Anyone know if the retractable parcel shelf from a deck fits in a 5 door MB?
  12. Wolfmother

    MB3 LE spec / trim?

    Thanks for posting this!
  13. Wolfmother

    MB3 LE spec / trim?

    Yeah that's right, they seemed to just churn out a few different models and didn't really change much between cars to separate the models, I'm just curious as to what spec levels were on offer back in 1998, looks like it was only minor things like AC, sun roof, electric windows etc
  14. Wolfmother

    MB3 LE spec / trim?

    Looking for some information on trim levels. I bought an MB3 civic LE with a D15Z8 and I'm just curious as to what the whole LE part is about? It's got a sun roof and heated mirrors (which are always on as there is no switch for them) and that's all the "extras" it has, the dark blue colour seems to be quite rare as well. Only 478 were registered in 1998, what makes the LE spec any different? If anything?