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  1. Finch's Double D's

    Yes mate, gotta make do with what You have Yep, fitting oil cooler and rad tomorrow as well as a service. PS: @Dave drop me a message when you get 5, might be able to help you with a cheaper server host depending on what spec you currently have
  2. Finch's Double D's

    New Oil cooler picked up from Prodrive in Banbury and triple-core full width ally rad arrived from states.
  3. Finch's Double D's

    Cheers! Really needed the car Mrs has hospital appt tomorrow and then we have a funeral on Tue about 60miles away so can't be faffing with waiting on ebay or amazon! Going to do the other side this Friday all being well! and then get the suspension swapped over (already did one shock on the same side that boiljoint went on). My MB2 was on much better (less stressed) shocks because it was all motorway miles on the shell, so those are going in with a liberal coat of copper grease and LM2 grease. I don't have £ for coilovers just yet. I'd rather get my turbo build finished up. Managed to do a deal with a friend in the states; I build up a full AN6 fuel line kit, filters, fuel rail for their EK Coupe and they'll send me a Z6 crank . For those who don't know the Z6 has 2 oil holes per journal vs the others which have 1! The Z6 oil pump also has about 40% more oil-output which might is my next major step along once the crank is here!
  4. Finch's Double D's

    Had a bit of a s**tter on thursday night, short-story: driver thought it was a great idea to over take me on an island, I braked and moved over, clipped a curb and snapped a ball joint. Then waited 3.5hrs with police for recovery because I was blocking the road!! Recovery dumped my car in the street rather than the driveway so I had to work in the road Motorfactors round corner had no idea what I meant when I asked for a Ball joint press tool so had to improvise! Used a variety of G Clamps and sockets, and a copper-hide hammer and popped both bits out in an hour. Then I spent an hour looking for my snap ring pliers, bloody things. All done Even got chance to fit the Sport interior from the MB2 Much better!
  5. Finch's Double D's

    I've got an idea for a coolant catch can/overflow can from a Sapporo can, such a hard task to drink it
  6. Finch's Double D's

    I know, the guy didn't know what they were worth so said £50 I said I'll be there in an hour! Next step is to order p2p0 forged rods and pistons, ACL full bearing set and ARPs
  7. Finch's Double D's

    Bought a D16y8 block for £50! The guy left everything including the engine loom so I started stripping it today; Test fitted a new hi-flo fuel rail and KC-TBS throttle body spacer/vortex ring which will help with volume when I come to boost the block Also had some AN Lines, Fuel filter, line attachment and flare tool delivered. DPD dropped off an order from HTUNE (Takata 6pt harness & NRG Short hub) Autodoc shipped my ball joints and rear trailing arm bushes. Adam Rafique at RHD delivered a VTIS kit for the deck Got a fair few other things on order too. Lets build a fast Deck!
  8. Finch's Double D's

    I looked at about 50 different estates, including an Evo9 MR350 estate thing but nothing has really made me go nuts, the Evo was always a pipedream I'm working in oxford so an 80mi round trip a day and an evo (well my lead foot) certainly wouldn't be very fuel efficient I've started building a K26 block but I can't see it going in the deck, I might however build a D16 turbo
  9. Finch's Double D's

    I'm still around... and so is the deck! I had a rollercoaster of last few months but she's still here - I actually can't see her going anywhere any time soon either! I looked around recently and theres nothing out there that I actually want that does everything the deck' does and can do. I'm doing some basic maintenance this winter and then maybe new year I'll dump it on its a*s
  10. Finch's Double D's

    It is, The Aerodeck needs more work underneath rectifying rust and bent jacking points than I'm willing to put in right now and I've started a new business so that needs all my time - I'll no-doubt be back though If I ever get another deck/mb I'd love to do all out full resto with sandblasted and dipped shell, engine swap, wire tuck and an updated interior
  11. Finch's Double D's

    Unfortunately its time for me to move on but I'm still going to be around!
  12. Finch's Double D's

    Doing some work on the car as the suns out, I have new tools and I need to sort out the calipers MB2 262s now off ready to replace the sticky one on the MC- I'm replacing both after a refurb tomorrow - new seals and grease to go in Added a few new stickers, some from states, some from Japan and few from eBay... Couple of the Japanese ones will give an indication of some coming updates [Need to add images] Shiny JDM stickers go here [/Need to add images]
  13. Chandlers Aerodeck ITBS pictures

    Ah fair enough, I thought you were rebuilt it with pistons / rods etc aswell at same time. YCP Pistons did me well in my D16 before - They offer some B16/18/20 high comp pistons. I'm going Wiesco 10.5 compression and Carillo K20 Rods with my K24 build
  14. Chandlers Aerodeck ITBS pictures

    What pistons are you running? I thought you built the engine fresh or was it just headgasket / bolts and head?