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  1. 175k miles, what induction kit and spark plugs?

    NGK Plugs are my recommended - They produce for Honda anyway as far as I know. I'd look for a DC2 airbox and drop in a DC2 Pipercross or K&N filter
  2. Are you sure the splines are correct? do you have pics?
  3. I got an EG / DC2 boss in my MB2, going into my MC2 aswell
  4. Lowering

    EG/DC2 are closest, the coilovers are a direct fit. EK are shorter rear shocks but will also work - good luck
  5. Exhaust for mb6?

    Assume you mean the Skunk2 DC2 catback?
  6. Head gasket

    I had a duff headgasket on my 180k block in the MB2, I tried everything from steel seal, stop leak, barrs etc nothing really did the job and it eventually got worse and worse and blew hoses clean open not just off - Did drive it 50miles a day though... Its a pain in the wallet but if you get it done now you'll save yourself ALOT of money in the long run, especially if it cracks a cylinder wall or keeps blowing hoses up etc.
  7. Strut brace fitment

    An EG/EK/DC2 rear one is the right width however the bracket bolts are out of line. My Skunk2 one (Black Edition) wont fit and you can't bend it.. Which is how a strut bar is supposed to be! No flex.
  8. Anyone with a mb2?!

    Quite a few of us buddy, All the MBs share the same stuff as the EG / DC2 chassis I have an MB2 Sport and an Aerodeck as it stands.
  9. Under chassis rust

    Jenolite is the best rust treater there is IMO, We use it at work and they supply the MOD for ships, cars, tanks etc. You can use under seal aswell it usually is rust inhibiting something like the Waxoyl underseal stuff is pretty good Waxoyl / Hammerite underseal Jenolite 500ml
  10. Under chassis rust

    It wouldn't be too difficult to weld a new panel in there if you get it cut out, id use a wire wheel and take it back, put some jenolite on it and let it cure off to stop the spread for now, then get some quotes. using flat panel might be better however I used to use Finishing Touch (but can't remember their details..) they actually made up custom beveled panel for an S14 repair I had done
  11. 1.6 vtec auto only 126k 1997 forsale

    Good donor for a turbo car if someone was to convert to manual Good luck with Sale!
  12. Radiator cracked, what can fit?

    This was while I was swapping the block out Only difference was the slam panel needed a tiny bit of massaging (upwards about 5mm) on the left where it tucks underneath as it is a triple core IIRC fits along side the standard AC rad too! Its one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HIGH-FLOW-2-ROW-ALUMINIUM-RACE-RADIATOR-FOR-92-00-HONDA-CIVIC-EG-EH-EJ-EK-EJ-EM-/152154503287
  13. Radiator cracked, what can fit?

    EK, EG AND DC2 (Double size) Rads fit btw I have a EG6 Alloy rad on my MB2

    Will do, I'm back at parents on Friday so will go look in the shed

    Yeah its in a decent condition I'll get a picture of it the weekend when I go back to my parents. Its got 1 lambda hole (second is after the cat?) I will let it go for postage if you want it, I'll get it weighed asap