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    motorsport lover... mechanical engineer and cars mechanic.... cars are my life

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    26-30...not so youngster!
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    Asturias Spain

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  1. tinomb3

    Your 2018 plans?

    some changes in my mb3, make some kind of sporty-daily car. Finish my new house...
  2. tinomb3

    Mae's diamond *mb1*

    Your car looks better every mod you do!! I am not a fan of holographic stuff but... looks good and not too much striking. Mishimoto is always a win!! Good job!
  3. tinomb3

    Front wheel bearings

    The bearing comes appart of the hub. You only have to change it. Its not dificult but you will need a hydraulic press to put it on, so maybe better to do by a professional. I cant tell you the size of the bearing but with the car model your car parts guy should not have problems to find it. Good luck!