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    Finally got my VTiS as a restoration project and pleasure drive!

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  1. AdzVTIS

    MG ZS 20mm ARB

    Short and sweet, I want the MG ZS 180 20mm rear ARB and bushings mounts, droplinks optional but would like them. Would prefer pics and Paypal pre sale. Thanks all! Adz
  2. AdzVTIS

    Car keeps cutting out!!

    Any smoke? Same happened to my old MB3 and saw a light smoke coming from the exhaust, barely noticeable but told me it's been running lean so I changed the fuel filter and fuel pump as my electrics and relays were fine. I think in a previous life it was turned over on an empty tank and damaged the pump. I first looked to see if the pump was getting the correct consistent power and there were no shorts occurring. After changing the filter, still occurred, changed the pump and all started to run fine.
  3. AdzVTIS

    VTiS mats (ad other bits)

    Random update I got Honda UK head office to put a request in the dealership newsletter that went out to every UK Honda dealer to ask them all to check if they had any forgotten stock. Took a week, but they called yesterday and all confirmed they don't exist anymore as new. To most this might have been an obvious result, but I just had to know. In talks with a custom fabrics company to create me a perfect replica, apparently they need Honda to agree IP's and trademark infringements rubbish, but if they do, I will post pics and a link to get your own.
  4. AdzVTIS

    VTiS mats (ad other bits)

    Will let my demands be known! Thanks mate.
  5. AdzVTIS

    VTiS mats (ad other bits)

    Thanks Dave, I did go to my local dealer for some info, he did dig up the product codes to help me search as he said the same thing that some have extra just sat dusty on a shelf! Wouldn't that be amazing, to find a brand new set of VTi-S Matts just sat abandoned somewhere! Just in case others are interested, here are the codes for the matts, he was not sure which one was for which of the four. 08P14-ST3-561 08P14-ST3-510F 08P14-ST3-560F 08P14-ST3-51 1
  6. AdzVTIS

    VTiS mats (ad other bits)

    Had to (painfully) let my old Green MB3 go a few years back after we got a Range Rover Sport and the MB3 needed soooo much work, but I did keep the drivers mat somewhere! Would seem fitting to use it as a refurbished VTi-S Mat, Thanks for the idea! Now, to find an embroidery company.
  7. AdzVTIS

    VTiS mats (ad other bits)

    Thanks Dave, AJCivic for the reply. I've read legends of Ruby, epic. Due to the lack of them, I plan to get some good condition mb3/mb6 civic mats and get them professionally done. I need to know the exact measurments of where the logo was to get it perfect, anyone got any hi res images they can send me? Hope to have the most perfect mats ever, even if not original :/ Thanks!
  8. Hey all, Looking for good condition VTiS floor mats, more looking for the limited edition driver side with the VTiS emblem stitched in. Also looking for a good condition black red stitch steering wheel. Thanks! Adz