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    hi i'm Quincy! from the Netherlands! i'm 21 years old/young and a car mechanic! As my first car and a JDM enthusiast, i chose the Honda Civic MB3! its a car you dont really see often here :)

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    Quincy Habing
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    The Netherlands, Zaandam

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  1. currently im working on my civic MB3 with D15Z8 vtec E, is there any way possible to block the crankshaft from turning?? thanks in advance. Kind regards, Quincy Habing
  2. thanks man for your help!! i will look into it :)
  3. hi there! I drive a honda civic MB3 from the year 1999! original dutch car! but i'm facing a problem.. since a few weeks my windows (left front and right front) window wont go up and or down anymore, i do have to roll them up or down by hand. the car parts shops here only sell the electric ones new and or used. but my question was, is it possible to change it from handroll to electric? and is there any chance i will find the wiring for the electric window mechanism?? please help!!! (sorry if my english is not really as good as yours hehe) Kind regards, Quincy Habing added a pic of my car as well :)
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