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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. Been told by Dave to get some pics of my car up so here it is. [attachment=2]1Dawns Civic Aerodeck site.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=1]2Dawns Civic Aerodeck site.JPG[/attachment] And an arty one! [attachment=0]Dawns Civic Aerodeck.jpg[/attachment] It's a 1.6ES, so it has full leather interior, A/C, etc. I'm only the 2nd owner, so everythings as it should be! I put it into Honda to have the proper Honda front fog lights fitted, the Honda sunroof wind deflector and got an MP3 stereo too. Just wanting to change the wheels now. Love my aero to bits
  2. MOT time. And the verdict is not good. Mostly fixable stuff, so that's good. But one of my main concerns is 'Offside rear parking brake recording little or no effort'. I actually noticed this myself last week when I was working on the exhaust, I was able to spin the wheel freely with the handbrake applied. It just doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. From what I know this is a common problem with the Civic. In fact I'm pretty sure I even posted about the handbrake performance once before (although I can't find the post now). All callipers have been serviced by myself within the past year. I removed the rust from the callipers themselves so that the pads could moved freely, and I think I serviced the sliders on the rears too. 95% certain. Tell me there is some way to fix this relatively quickly and easily, preferably without forking out £100s on new brakes. Discs are also reported to be 'excessively fluctuating', but I'm guessing that's completely unrelated.
  3. I been wanting a Aerodeck spoiler since I got the car but so far no luck and they seem hard to come by! So I'm wondering... do any of you know any other estate cars which have mid spoilers? I cannot think of any right now apart from aftermarket mid-spoilers made for the BMW Touring. Of course, a different spoiler would have to be made to fit... Cheers!
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