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    Co founder of Civic5, and Honda Civic MA-MB-MC enthusiast. Sadly passed away on 21 Jan 2013 after a brave fight against cancer. Her memory lives on in her beautiful Civic Aerodeck (DD-Dawns Deck) which will always be a part of Civic5. Sadly missed, but forever in our hearts x x

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    41-45...Midlife crisis!
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    Scotland, near Edinburgh

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  1. Love the new wheels, and the car! But stop climbing trees to get a good pose, it's a bit dangerous lmao
  2. Highly recommend them Simon, but you've got a Baby to think about! lol Not allowed to say exactly how much it cost, but can say it's over £1400 Thanks dave, just need that new rocker cover now and them blue HT leads Thanks for all the nice comments, hope to get to a meet before the year is out so I can show it to everyone. The photos don't do it justice
  3. Latest update for my deck..................and it's a biggy! She's been away for a week, and got her back today. Big mod this time.................................................Ladies and gents, My Aerodeck with a full custom leather retrim from Transcal UK Decided to go for a two tone retirm, in napa black and ink blue. The ink blue matches the colour of my deck nicely, and the stitching is done in contrasting electric blue. Ok, here are some photos..... In the rear. Then onto the door panels. Love the way the stitching chases the lines of the panel, and that even the panel is done in two tone. The rear door panel And finally, the front. Decided to get the Honda "H" logo embroidered onto the front seats, again in electric blue. Can't believe the quality of the leather, and how comfy the seats are now. They even did the centre console arm rest, with the matching blue stitching. I got the to do the outer parts of the seats in blue, rather than the inserts (the wee half circle shaped bits) as that would have just made them look like MGZS seats. Over the moon with the finished result, and highly recommend Transcal at Livingston. proper top quality job and friendly staff. Comments welcome
  4. Congratulations , well deserved win , she was an absolute stunner!!!!
  5. Car is looking fabby..........need to get Dave stripping my engine bay now...lol Looking forward to meet. 1"£££$££"!!
  6. Just noticed the wheel clamps .....Dave's sacked. Think I might just stick with the blue colour and re-trim seats with blue leather ......hmm As for selling rear lip haven't quite decided yet!! Exhaust cost 50p short of £400. Well worth it if fitted properly. 1"£££$££"
  7. Aww Dave I love the blue bits ....I'm gonna do mine. Your car looks amazing!!! 1"£££$££"
  8. Not sure about the colour..open to suggestions. I think its too big a job for Dave, will put it into a body shop..he just gave a huge sigh of relief there.lol Then its a re-trim of the seats. 1"£££$££"!
  9. Guys Thanks a lot for all your comments, and , a very Big Thanks to Dave for all your hard work. I knew all the nagging would pay of. Think I might save for a re-spray next . 1"£££$££"!
  10. Just waiting on Dave uploading pics for me....wait til you see what an absolutely beautiful job RJM of Glenrothes have made....I would highly recommend these guys, beautiful job, warm friendly bunch, who all know what they're talking about. Well chuffed and the car is sweet as a nut
  11. Guess what Guys? Getting another new powerflow cat back exhaust fitted tomorrow....hopefully be quieter than the last one. Will post pics later....
  12. Thanks for the commments guys! Rear lip next along with the boot spoiler, if Dave gets a move on!
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