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Looking for some help please people, like many others the terrible Infra Red remote locking fob has stopped working for my car. I got the remote from the ex-ex owner of my car (been in the family since new) and it was totally disconnected having not been used for years. not lighting up even with new batteries, absolutely dead and I've since lost it anyway. 


If the opportunity was there to buy a brand new remote/fob, how easy is it to get this coded to your car's code? 


I imagine it will be a Honda dealership jobby, but what is it likely to set me back? Bearing in mind I will have a brand new never used remote?




(I know an aftermarket central locking system would no doubt be cheaper but there's also all the wiring involved and paying somebody to do it!)

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Not sure about the ones for the m, but when my wife had an ep, she got a second hand fob that was linked to the car with some jiggery-pokery with the ignition key. 

It might have the procedure in the service manual (in the downloads section on here)? 

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I think so? Not sure at all, I just know mine does (did) have the 2 button infra red type but the key fob stopped working years ago & mine's a 1.4i. 

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