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Aftermarket wings/fenders for MB6 any good?


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Has anyone here bought new aftermarket front fenders for their MB6? Or just got used ones from scrap yard etc. ? I was wondering if the aftermarket ones fits directly or if there are any seam gaps, if the headlight and bonnet fit to it properly etc. Things that can go wrong. Diederichs makes them but couldn't find those. I got myself Polcar ones. https://catalog.polcar.com/#!KatKatalogGlowny/fender-front-381102/492184


Should i try fitting them first before getting them painted at a shop? I was thinking of putting them on later in spring. But could get them painted already. Any bodypanel/exterior info would be welcome in this forum. Considering aftermarket parts especially.

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I think it will be luck of the drawer..

Depends on manufacturer and storage aswell whether they've been stored well not stacked upon etc.

Only experience I have, I needed a new bonnet for my last civic. 75 quid brand new aftermarket part. Was perfect. Couldn't fault it one bit.

But I think if you could test fit before committing to paint would be beneficial.

Or as you say used originals from a rap yard. They don't tend to rust on the front so should be able to find a good set easily enough

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Exactly as Jake says mate. Aftermarket/pattern panels such as wings/fenders always require some amount of fettling to get a perfect fit. Easy enough to do though.

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