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HI new on the group


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Hi new here on the group thought it introduce myself and show you my mb civic, I had a Mb6 vti last year posted it on this group but sadly it had to go as a baby was on the way and didn't think I could afford it, bought a Mk4 golf, but straight away I hated it, was told of this little civic the same colour as my old vti and that was that, the old man I bought it off wanted 300 pound for the car aslong as he could have the number plate back, I went up To buy the car on my birthday and he was talking away and he said to me if you sort out taxing and insuring the car so I can get my number plate back pay me for all the parts I have for the car and take the car, so the car cost me 120 pound couldn't believe it, the parts I got with the car were:

Honda access headlight protectors! 

Vtis side skirts

Vtis rear lip 

Vti front splitters x2

Vti spoiler 

Vtis mats

Brand new headlights


So I stuck to my word motd the car etc and I had sat up. For 3 years and it passed mot first go and all I done was put an indicator bulb in the car


So the car  when I bought it with the parts







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I then set about making a custom grille and added the vtis kit, I was genuinely surprised to find how clean the sill were, I added a set of rota msrs, was still waiting on the rear vtis lip. From paint 






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I then got some honda mudflaps for the rear and have generally just started to clean the car up From there, have a gurney flap for the dc2 spoiler just set on not fitted yet to see what it looked like, but now I'm looking into getting rear lcas and subframe asr bar but have been told. It needs modified? 





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Bloody hell, that looks ultra clean Stephen! Stunning example, and has to be one of my favourite colours on the civic M's (I am biased though!). Lovely civic mate and really nice mods.


Oh, and welcometocivic5smile

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