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    23 years old
    From northern Ireland
    Just bought an mb6 a few months ago owned a ej coupe before with a b18c4 also and also owned an accord type r

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  1. Steviemb6

    Parts wanted

    Has anyone got the projector Headlights for sale people make? And also the carbon trim on the interior
  2. I ran an a dc2 ecu in my civic coupe which had a b18c4, you need to make sure the valve train is upgraded to run the extra rpm or the will blow the engine to s**te, and the intake manifold yes it does a way with it but I ran a standard intake just cabled tied the secondary butterfly open
  3. Thanks guys much appreciated,my favourite colour in them aswell being honest, only the start of the mods hopefully, has anyway put the asr subframe bar on? Heard they aren't a straight fit? Not alot of these in Northern Ireland, hoping once all this virus stuff blows over I can get to Mimms some day and see some more
  4. Have a few bits a peices Burgundy vti spoiler Burgundy front vti splitter Headlight washers for bumper Standard sill covers Standard headlights May have other bits
  5. I then got some honda mudflaps for the rear and have generally just started to clean the car up From there, have a gurney flap for the dc2 spoiler just set on not fitted yet to see what it looked like, but now I'm looking into getting rear lcas and subframe asr bar but have been told. It needs modified?
  6. Next we're a few custom parts a friend of mine had made for me, skirt and rear lip extensions along with a rear window spoiler
  7. I then added a dc2 spoiler and the vtis rear lip, excuse the dirt of the car in this one
  8. I then set about making a custom grille and added the vtis kit, I was genuinely surprised to find how clean the sill were, I added a set of rota msrs, was still waiting on the rear vtis lip. From paint
  9. From there the car got new Coilovers, set of ek vti blades, a twin loop exhaust system and vti front splitter and spoiler
  10. Since then I have added a few bits and peices I bought the car in October past, this was the first picture I got when I got it home
  11. Hi new here on the group thought it introduce myself and show you my mb civic, I had a Mb6 vti last year posted it on this group but sadly it had to go as a baby was on the way and didn't think I could afford it, bought a Mk4 golf, but straight away I hated it, was told of this little civic the same colour as my old vti and that was that, the old man I bought it off wanted 300 pound for the car aslong as he could have the number plate back, I went up To buy the car on my birthday and he was talking away and he said to me if you sort out taxing and insuring the car so I can get my number plate
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