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Hello everybody, just joined up there, been creeping about in the background for a couple of weeks now, finally got round to joining. 

Got my hands on a pirates black aerodeck, with vtis lip kit and skirts. And mid spoiler. 

Sitting on its HOLE

plans are, the infamous mgzs suspension setup (which is proving to be a royal pain to find any) orrr coilovers. as its way too low, its got shortened shocks and springs out of some other form of civic and its softer than dog s**t over bumps and bounces about like a kangaroo. 

Tidy the body work. 

And just generally keep it nice and clean. 

There has been talks in the background of putting a turbo on it, but who knows what will come of that, I may change my mind. Other than the suspension and a k&n panel filter with a hole cut in the box it's a standard deck. 




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Sweet looking deck mate although agree it's way too low and suspension set up does sound...er...dodgy lol MGZS set up is decent, gives a little drop in height and better turn in etc. Nice to see another mint looking deck! Enjoy the club and site bud 8-)

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