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Went into the office today for the first time since last March, and in the way in, found myself in traffic next to a parked FK8, and it dawned on me that they're very similar size wise to a Civic M. 


Just been checking out of interest, and these are the dimensions for the wheel track and wheel base. 


FK8 :

Front/rear track 1,600/1,593mm

Wheelbase 2,700 mm



Front/rear track 1,465/1,470mm

Wheelbase 2,620 mm


Now that would be a cool (and expensive) swap...with some flared arches of course. 

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There's was a fk lump for sale the other day! 5.5k tho. I guess as the years go by they will end up in ep3s and into the older chassis aswell.

Would be a sweet conversion no doubt. Never had the pleasure but heard nothing but good things about the low down grunt especially

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