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    I'm only after buying my 97 vti and can't wait to have it running soon found this members club on youtube comment

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    Joseph dolan
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  1. Ill check but it does look pretty evan. Wen i do close the boot it does shift to the right. Hopefully ill get it fixed
  2. Wondering anyone have any tips to why my boot wont close its not the latch or receiver. I got new ones and connect but when i screw the latch receiver down and close the boot it just wont close, but i do notice the latch receiver wont stay in place it falls down. Also when i close the boot feel like it shifts from left to right which makes me think its the boot supports but the seem fine. And ideas would be great. Thank you. Its the only thing thats wrong with my mb6
  3. Thanks for replying. But I was talking about the lil sprayers at the front of the head lights to spray water at sorry Should of explained better
  4. Hellk im look to get the head light cleaner for my vti can anyone point me in right direction to were I csn find them
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