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Meet Sarah’s Jessie the Jazz


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Sorry I’ve been missing in action, just been so busy

I knew the FR was going to cost me money to pass the MOT. I can’t complain 210,000 miles but was looking untidy.

David kept on at me to get a Jazz. My response “there for old folk” well fast forward a few weeks and hey presto meet my 66 plate 1.3 Jazz EX Navi.

I absolutely love it. Can get 3 kids in the back (not mine) and the seat system is brilliant how it folds.

No mods yet! Got wind deflectors to go on, waiting on tailored mats and then need to sort the wheels as 1 is badly scuffed. Not sure on whether to have them refurbed or save up for black ones.



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The Seat served you well with that mileage! 

Jessie looks cool - quite like the front end. 

Nice to see Dave's civic lurking in the back as well :grin:

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Fair play to the Seat, she did you proud! Love the Jazz, had a slightly older model as a courtesy car when Roxy was in at Honda to get the gearbox done. Was an awesome wee car! Yours looks tidy and loving the interior, dash reminds me of the FN1/FN2.

So big Civic5 welcome to Jessie!:civic5rocks3:

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