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Hello from sweden. I have just bought a aerodeck and i dont know if i should buy 16 or 17, you are welcome to make suggestions and show pictures on your cars, also what width ET and tire demension you use.
Im also going to lower my car with lowersprings 35mm in the future.
My car on the picture :) 


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Hi Steez. 


I've got 17s on my deck, and although I do love the look, I think that a nice light set of 16s would be a better option - especially if you're planning on going lower to avoid arch rub. 


Pic with the 17s..




I had my oem 15s as winter tyres, and always liked how nimble they felt when I put them on, but then like the strong contact feel from the 17s when they went back on. 16s are probably the best compromise. 

I always think as well that the dc2 was specced with 16s on the later models for a reason.

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Here's mine on 16 inch Cades alloys mate. The first 2 photos are when she was lowered (and the wheels had polished rims) and the other 2 photos are back on standard suspension (same wheels but refurbed in silver, no polished lip)

Dawns_civic_aerodeck (1).JPG


Dawns_civic_aerodeck (3).JPG


DD new tyres fitted 2 May 2020.jpg


DD new tyres fitted May 2020.jpg

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