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Nick's Civic MB6 VTI-S


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Thanks Nick for all the help and positive comments on my build. Rest in peace, bro. Hope there's endless freeways with no speed limits wherever you may be.

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Sue, Nicks wife, will be selling this absolutely stunning, well look after mb6 vti-s.

I've been through the entire thread and this is a full list of the modifications (as far as I can see).

Clear side repeaters.

K&n pannel filter.

De resonated.

MGZS 180 rear anti roll bar.

Super sprint 4-2-1 manifold (half wrapped)

Sony mech less head unit.

2.25 cat back with a 3" rolled tip stainless exhaust system custom made by longlife.

16" chronos (refreshed in April) with 15" standard vti-s fans for the winter.

Cree led side light bulbs.

Repainted rocker cover in wrinkle red with a p.black plug cover.

De roved (un chrome)

Steering rack replaced.

Mister r coilovers.

Magnecore leads.

Denso iridium spark plugs.

Hamp shortie oil filter.

Refreshed interior, seats, door cards, headliner.

Stripped and polished strut brace.

Flush washers under bonnet.

Repainted rad and air con brackets.

Neo chrome VTEC solenoid cover.

Neo chrome oil cap

Refreshed paint on bonnet

D2 rear camber adjusters.

116k (guess)

Run on the dyno in June 2012 and made 161bhp with 160nm of torque.

Anyone wishing to make a SENSIBLE first offer please PM one of the staff and we can pass your offer on, although we think Jonnyricer has fist dibs on the car.

This is, one of the best genuine VTI-S in the country.

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