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  1. knight

    Car Mats

    no im keeping them
  2. knight

    Car Mats

  3. knight

    Car Mats

    everything sold months ago but the mats (forgot about them till the other day) & recaros & rails Finding it hard to put them for sale mrs keeps nagging to get red of them as im quite attached to them
  4. knight

    Car Mats

    Yeah if they were oem new VTiS mats
  5. knight

    Car Mats

    i've still got my oem mb mats kicking about in my spare room bought from honda,, there only 500 miles old, so still as new, will be putting them up for sale when i get round to it,,,
  6. knight

    Shadz ep3

    gruppe m that would be my 1st mod too 8-)
  7. hi guys the car got stripped of good bits and sold a week ago (seats are now for sale lol been cleaning them for 2 days now) , so still alive but looking not as nice lol but i agree with peeps not putting her in car of the month as she is a different car with a different owner . i will remove its sorry philgor
  8. knight

    PW:JDM / BENEN Rear Tow Hook, anybody selling?

    ive got a nearly new genuine password black just need to find it lol moved house since last saw it genuine not copy
  9. knight

    kinks EG project. B18 turbo

    Nice jake,,, car looking concorse
  10. Some nice entries so far!! simpo your mb is looking good
  11. knight

    S2k seats

  12. knight

    S2k seats

    accord type r seats with recaro rails ?????
  13. knight

    Krzys' MB6 VTi-S - Sold!

    Car looking amazing mate! this is going to be one of the best vtis on the site the way your heading! top work! loving the quality parts used so far!!!
  14. Rota circuits 16",,, 195/45/16 lowered 40mm rears rolled rear arches,, but not need for these wheels, perfect fit!