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**New Updates** MB6 VTI-S


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Hello everyone bought this beauty from Simpo (Adam) on 09 June 2013 and I fell in love with her already. Not with Adam but with the car lol - So here it is

My sis ruining the shot!!!




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What I've done so far -

Gave love to the grille and the wipers - change my number plate







Sticker bomb!!! I don't know why but it looks nice lol




Trying to restore the colour - scrubbing, bopping, polishing, washing all sorts to make it shiny - and also to make the wheels as white as I can - will probably change the colour to purple soon.







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I forgot, the wind deflectors too!!! I haven't done much as I've been busy with work and stuff.  Will be fitting my ICE tomorrow and wish me all the luck so it won't burn my dash!


Before the end of October plans:


- Wheel refurbishment

- Straight through stainless exhaust pipe

- 4-2-1 Manifold

- Snap off steering wheel

- Interior leather restore

- Whales p***s induction

- Engine bay TLC 

- Inlet manifold (depends)

- 3 point front strut brace


A lot to add but let's just be realistic for now. More updates to come

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Very nice looking car mate and you are making it look even nicer :smile:. Keep up the good work.

Just a question where do you buy the wind deflector from. Can you link please?


I'm not sure bud - it was a gift from my cousin I'll ask him for you

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And also what do you call that rubber thing that connects the inductiom kit? I have a new kit but couldn't install it as I don't have that silicone rubber thing...

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