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Trix's MB6


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Hi to all!

Was told to get on over here and start a build thread in this section so here i am (with pics as promised) :)

Decided to give the vti her first proper clean and also thought i would dig out a set of wheels i had floating around at the back of my garage.... which meant i had to bring the teg out ;)

The vti was on standard rims when i picked her up but i thought id try these an decided they looked ok... may swap back over havent made my mind up yet lol










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Does that mean the dc2 lives in the garage most of the time?

Nope iv had the teg just over a year now and have used her as my daily driver but the road i drive to work has started to flood quite badly already so needed somthing a little higher until the weather clears up a bit (cold air feeds and floods make me paranoid lol)

The tegs currently got 11months mot same as the vti :)

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Look good nice and clean.


Very nice, both look clean

Thanks guys- iv had the teg waxoiled and the arches stonechipped this year- she is very clean bodywork wise and the civics arches are decent from the outside, i havent had the chance to get her on a ramp and have a good look around yet (apart from 5mins when a guy did my tracking last week) but i think she is fairly decent underneath :)

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