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  1. I love what you did to that car! The headlights looks just beautiful!
  2. That could looks fun. Basicly I'm not a fan of that kind of wing on Civic, but the render looks good here. And, by the way, that paint job on the EG is just AWESOME!
  3. Yeah I know. 5mm max with oem studs. I'm not against price even if it would be great. I have this car since last April. Just started the mods two month ago. By now i'm keeping it but you knwo I've owned more than 10 Civic and with my previous Subaru I tried something really new and now I miss that thing. The deck is an awesome car to drive but I want to change. And I'm still here, and I still have the car.
  4. Thanks mate! Haha no problem man! I'm glad I choose the silver instead of the black one. Yeah, I know. I was really disappointed when I first fitted them. It's only 6.5" wide. I would like to fit some spacers but, even if I know it won't please people here, I'm seriously thinking about selling the deck to buy a Subaru. I really, really miss my old one, and I would like to get one again. Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot guys!! Glad you like it! Sunday morning pictures :
  6. That was my thoughts too, so I color matched the grill and put it back on the car!
  7. Wow, thanks guys. I wake up this morning and saw on FB that my car has been nominated, what a surprise! Thanks Chandler!
  8. Guys, need your opinion! Cheap tuning is on it's way. I want to paint the grill. It's already primered. I would like to know if you have picture of color matched grill instead of chrome. Because I can't decide if I want to go black or painted...
  9. Thanks! It's my favorite one too! Ahah thanks! I thought it could looks interesting on pictures! Glad you like it! I love that car so much! Thanks man!
  10. Thanks a lot mates. Your words really means a lot for me as I wasn't expecting so much success with a build that simple. Thanks a lot. Few pictures I took yesterday. I really love that car, but I can't stand that stock engine anymore. 2015 will be the year of change for it !
  11. Usually, i'm not a fan of full black cars. But on yours, it looks good!
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