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  1. Sound cheers . Sorry to op didn't go well bud hope you have a speedy recovery. Not sure on colour just Thot is like to see some different colours on it lol blue /yellow/red lol
  2. Can anyone on here photo shop? Was looking to see what the bm would look like lower and maybe a different colour.
  3. A do like these wheels . What kind are yours Ali as there nice too
  4. That's what all my mates say lol (wait) lol thinking about some coilovers and varrstoen es1s
  5. Still plenty go with them . Had a bit play with a 435d on way to Newcastle couple weeks back he wasn't happy lol
  6. 535d 335d plenty powwwwwwer lol mines kills standard 335d and alot off other cars whoops my mates focus rs pulls a little on my mates m240i . Only problem I've had on mine was the crank pulley started slipping apart from that it's been spot on. Don't think you'd regret getting one. Fast comfy loads of torque and easy tuned oh and good on fuel considering it's a 3l twin turbo
  7. Nice one bud let me know if you ever decide to sell it lol
  8. nice one buddy how she looking? Fancy giving me it back lol
  9. He's needing to get on here then lol
  10. So intercooler hose popped off last week and the bmw stealership said i can't get a clip as it comes with hose for 280bucks so feck rights off!! Got one of eBay today for 15bucks all sorted and boosting better than before . Might have been air leak before. Any still miss my civic don't know if it's still alive or not need to get another in the future
  11. Lol seen it bud might look better with the lip on. Different tastes for different people end of day your car bud mod it how you like it
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