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  1. we did this once before here, as part of the MG ZS group buy of heated front screens. there is one last ever (I know I said the last time would be the last), and this really will be the last time as its not worth my time and hassle and I gain nothing from this...the last ever heated screen group buy the screens WILL come with a top tint, and are dual circuit heated. They are 25£ more than the last batch 5 years ago (inflation!) at £225+vat. its a real last minute thing coz I kinda forgot about you guys, but I have to place an order Monday 8th Feb and as before £100 deposit is required, non refundable as I would be stuck with the screen and I would still have to pay the balance, but if for any reason... find someone else to buy it, whatever, we just need to fulfil the order. Its done through Ricky Evans motorsport as before, they supply cars in the BTCC. They will not stock these screens, if they would I wouldn't have to go to all this hassle for nothing, so this really is the only way to get one, there will be none left over, what I order I have to pay for and you guys pay the same cost per screen as I do, we had to pay the tooling on the first batch, believe me, its no cheap process. Call me 07941 857777 or join teh dark side - MG ZS Owners club on facebook where there is a post, or prob better still, Jason simm on facebook, its the MGZS pic with the stelio pass in the background. Sorry its last minute, but I don't want to miss you guys out.
  2. personally, I wouldn't waste money on fancy looking discs, just plain vented will do the job lovely, forget brand names as nearly all discs come out of one of two casting factories anyway, the likes of ebc and the rest just machine groves or holes in them! Pads, yellowstuff is a min for trackdays if your looking at ebc, and you will need to change them when they get to 4-5mm of pad, and I mean change them before the trackday or be prepared to change them at the circuit. Blue stuff is better at lasting, but unless you have some form of brake cooling even expensive pads will start to disintegrate before the meat has worn off. Its usually the inside pad that disintegrates first. This is the case for ebc, the things are that cheap, you don't mind changing them half way through their wear life. I would go for a decent dot4 race fluid over a 5.1, the above post sounds a great recommendation.
  3. and that's where the similarity ends!!!
  4. sounds a wee bit too low, I bet your lower arms are pointing to the sky!!! I assume you do this purely for looks?
  5. its the 180 that has less turns lock to lock, but always check part numbers as when mgr run out they would just fit something else, so you end up with 120's with 180 specific parts and some 180's with 120 parts!!! little if anything changed between 01 and 05 except minor revisions, but during 01 the very first 180 cars did not have all the '180' parts on them.
  6. in that case, the zs120 suspension with 180arb is coming out the bin and onto ebay!!!
  7. to my knowlegde, the mg zs 120 suspension is the same as the rover 45, its boggo standard suspension. the 180 is lower and a lot firmer. many 120's and 45's had the same arb's as the 180. the rover k engine is c80kg and box is 35kg, the 180 engine is c135kg.
  8. thanks guys, i'm doing a fibreglass copy of the glass one, the rubber seal should fit/bond and i'll use this to plug the hole left in the roof.
  9. is there an online electronic parts catalogue for hondas to check part numbers?
  10. did the civic 5 ever come with a metal sunroof? Do sunroofs from other civics/hondas fit the civic 5?
  11. ok, latest update is they are due to ship, so please have your pennies saved up by end of october at the very latest, this will be the final date for payment.
  12. so many people go low because they think low centre of gravity is better - which when everything else works, it is. you actually get more roll the lower you go. unless you sort the roll centres, you just can't go low and have the dynamics work also. If you want a very good base line setup, look at the mgzs and keep within 20mm of its standard road height. they may not have had any money at mgr, but they knew how to make the dynamics work
  13. ricky evans is back on 16th, no doubt they have arrived or are due to in the next few days. I will post up soon as, but lets assume they will be here in the next week and ideally need paying for by end of month/1st week of october at the very latest.
  14. if you understand roll centres, you'll know I'm definitely right!
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