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  1. I got it all fixed,but its back at the workshop now getting the holes in the floor welded because the NCT tester finally noticed them! In the mean time I have bought myself a weekend car so i have been driving that all week.
  2. Thanks dude I was able to use the part numbers from there to find a Blueprint one that fits perfect
  3. Was getting my shocks changed and the bolt was seized in the lower control arm bushing so need to replace that bushing. Honda say they dont have the bushings anymore, does anyone have a link to some aftermarket bushing that would fit the oem lca? Failing that is there aftermarket lower control arms that would fit? I have seen that EG/DC2 ones fit but some places say they do not. Thanks!
  4. So 230k miles later and time for an engine rebuild. Never gave up it ran on 3 cylinders for over a week without a problem!
  5. The top mount of the rear drivers side shock has failed completely. No where is breaking any M shape civics or Rovers. What other cars would fit? Can you buy a new top mount on ebay? Theres so many its hard to see which one would fit on my car. VtiS Aerodeck. Thanks
  6. my car takes a bit longer to start when the fuel is low, when the gauge is just over the E. theres about 10-15 litres left in the tank. I usually just fill it up once it gets that low, but I've sometimes let it go lower and the starting just takes a little longer, once I fill up its back to starting right away.
  7. Mine is normally slightly higher than in the pic. Closer to halfway.
  8. I tried to do mine by putting my hand up through the radio cage, got the new bulb in place but just couldn't twist it all the way. Had to take apart the whole centre console just to twist the bulb a quarter turn!
  9. I didn't get it at first either but it fits. Heres a pic from inside the car with the sunroof open so you can see the clip. The screws didn't seem long enough at first but I just squashed the deflector down against the seal and they fit. the sunroof closes fine against the clip.
  10. ordered it from the climair site. they had to get it on special order from Germany. http://www.climairuk.com/Honda-Civic-Aerodeck-3-door-4-door-Coupe-and-Honda-Shuttle-Odyssey-Sunroof-Deflector.html
  11. the fan motor is on the passenger side right all the way over towards the door. Just take the glovebox out and its the big round thing when you look up from underneath. I had to take the bit of trim from the left of the footwell off to get the motor out but its handy enough. Mine was full to the brim with leaves and even some stones!
  12. This is the one I just got, I have a 99 MC2 I'm pretty sure its the same you need. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/350841559510?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Also my blower was randomly stopping completely but I opened up the motor and found half a forest inside and once I cleaned it out it works perfect
  13. to be honest I'm not sure, all I know is my car got dirtier! the aim was to end up the same and it feels the same so happy days til I have the money for coilovers.
  14. Ah I can see how that didnt add up! I had to go back to the original shocks to solve the leaking, so the springs were more to solve the ride height after that! Before: After:
  15. nah I used the shocks that came with the car when I bought it. Fronts are nearly new kybs and the rears seem in decent condition for now anyway!
  16. when mines at 0 I can get 45L into it. It goes way below zero before the fuel light comes on, and even then I can only get about 50L in! It goes slightly over 1 when its full too so I think its more of a guideline than anything
  17. 2 of my MG shocks have been leaking for nearly a year now, and just recently the rear got very bouncy, so I have been to Redpower Motorsport to get some lowering springs! They are Cobra lowering springs specifically for the MC2, and come with a lifetime warranty. I will park it in my usual spot in work tomorrow to get a better before and after pic, there isnt much difference in height but the bouncyy-ness is all gone! Before:
  18. where did you buy the MG shocks from? I have a second hand set on my car but 2 of them have started leaking so need to think about this myself now, I still have the original shocks in good condition so might just buy lowering springs for them the MG setup was perfect until now though so thinking of buying a new set.
  19. I've just sent you £20, I'm in Ireland so I know postage might be a bit more just let me know when you find out
  20. 1. Grant - MED - ZIPPPER 2. Grant - SML - HOODIE 3. Philgor - 2XL - ZIPPPPER 4. UnicyclingTom - LRG - Zipper! 5. Powerofdreams - XLRG - HOODIE 6. CrazyMark - LRG - Zipper
  21. I'd take one of these, prefer zipper type too
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