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    Strong passion for cars and moved over to the JDM market from April 2023, like learning more about classic japs and sharing back what I've learned.

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  1. Daaaam that sucks so hard I pray that gets sorted for you
  2. Love the night kids sticker, I’ve got body work that needs doing to, what lip have you got ?
  3. Hi there Gary, for the lights your best bet is ebay for the struts you can get some gas universal ones from a few websites, if you google universal rear hatch struts a lot comes up. for the mirror again best bet is ebay, search for any breaking MA civics I cant really comment on the rear washer but that shouldn't fail the MOT, a lot of modern cars don t even have rear wipers from factory so i dont see why it should be a big deal. I hope this helps
  4. Hi all, So I can confirm aftermarket seats, without cutting frames or welding mounts to car, are completely possible. If you have read my before method with the universal frames this way is a lot easier and more cost effective. After 3 months of research I found a company called Planted Technology, they produced made to order seat sub frames for many cars. I emailed them to ensure my car was not an EK or an EG. I measured up the cars holes and got back the details of the closest fit frames they make. The Honda Accord 4th & 5th gen have the same interior as the MB3/MB6. I took a risk bought the frames and they do in fact directly fit. I admit it was a bit of a fiddle as they had to come from America so may have been slightly warped or bent on delivery, never the less I got them in as seen in the image below Here is a link to the main page, it would better off ordering them from GSM performance Planted Technology https://www.plantedtechnology.com/products/planted-seat-bracket-honda-accord-4th-5th-generation-1989-1997-passenger-right GSM performance https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/product/planted-honda-accord-bracket/ Things to consider, these frames do not come with threads. M12 Nuts will be needed to fit seatbelts, M8 Nuts and bolts to fit seats to rails or frames, washers highly recommended
  5. Hey there, I downloaded the Civic manual as I was looking for the bolt sizes and torque requirements for fitting. the LCA bolts are 14x1.5mm but it doesn't say what length they are? I need bolts for the compliance bushing that bolts into the chassis. picture below does anyone know the length of these bolts ? Kind regards
  6. https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/product/planted-honda-accord-bracket/ Spoke directly with someone from Planted Technology and he confirmed the measurements for me
  7. MB3Stage2

    Seat rails

    Hi there have a look at https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/product/planted-honda-accord-bracket/. spoke directly with a guy from Planted technology and got the measurements. they are a direct fit as this Accord was the USDM MB if that makes sence
  8. Hi everyone sorry been busy with work still haven't been able to get pictures. Also found out some really cool information that would have made my life a lot easier. The USDM Honda accord 5th Gen seat base frames are a direct fit to the mb models and company called Planted Technology manufacture these frames. So really you could get these subframes and bolt any seat into it with or without rails
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