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    Strong passion for cars and moved over to the JDM market from April 2023, like learning more about classic japs and sharing back what I've learned.

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  1. Hey there, I downloaded the Civic manual as I was looking for the bolt sizes and torque requirements for fitting. the LCA bolts are 14x1.5mm but it doesn't say what length they are? I need bolts for the compliance bushing that bolts into the chassis. picture below does anyone know the length of these bolts ? Kind regards
  2. https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/product/planted-honda-accord-bracket/ Spoke directly with someone from Planted Technology and he confirmed the measurements for me
  3. MB3Stage2

    Seat rails

    Hi there have a look at https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/product/planted-honda-accord-bracket/. spoke directly with a guy from Planted technology and got the measurements. they are a direct fit as this Accord was the USDM MB if that makes sence
  4. Hi everyone sorry been busy with work still haven't been able to get pictures. Also found out some really cool information that would have made my life a lot easier. The USDM Honda accord 5th Gen seat base frames are a direct fit to the mb models and company called Planted Technology manufacture these frames. So really you could get these subframes and bolt any seat into it with or without rails
  5. Good morning Dave, didn’t get pictures as I was too excited to get the seats in, will take them apart one day after work this week and show how i did it.
  6. Hi everyone, Thought I'd write up a post to help a few people out. Spent 2 hours researching this today. It is possible to fit after market seats in an MB model civic without a tailored/specially fitted subframe. So for all of those that would like a sportier seat, or some racing seats, this is how you do it and what you need List of parts: Seat (of your choice) Universal side mount rails Base mount conversion rails (you will only need these if you are buying seats with base mount/bottom fitting only) How to install seat seat: Remover factory seats and rails from car Remove factory rails from factory seat install universal side mounts to factory rails ( some bolts may need to be removed or cut off) put factory rails back into car with universal mounts attached Install base mount conversion brackets to side mounts install seat to base mount bracket If you have a seat that is side mounts only you will not need the base mount conversion bracket. you can skip step 4 and install the seat directly to the universal side mounts. The great thing about the universal side mounts is that you have a lot of choice in how you can position your seat. meaning you can have more lean in the seat. be higher up or lower down. this is all depend ending on the side mounts you buy and the amount of holes available. List of parts and seats I used to make this possible: Seat - Sparco R100 - https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/sparco-r100-seat-7000253/ Side Mounts - Sparco Steel Side Mounts - https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/sparco-steel-side-mounts-s-s004902/ Base mount conversion - OMP Base Mount Conversion Brackets - https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/omp-base-mount-conversion-brackets-omphc0-0660/ Hope this helps anyone still trying to figure out how to do this.
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