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  1. I've only put it on twice going to meets
  2. I've got one, AFAIK its was custom item and the company made a few. Came from Germany and from what I can see they don't exist anymore
  3. dreadi

    Honda CR-V

    Hoping to get one of these for the wife at some point if she stops being an idiot and thinking her focus is a "good car". Originally wanted an xtrail but they seem to fetch higher prices and the 2.5s are hard to come by..
  4. What ratings would an mc2 battery need to be as mine is knackered? And looks tiny also..
  5. Cab anyone suggest the best company to send a vtis kit?
  6. And are you serious about that bumper? :/
  7. Same with japserviceparts. Thermostat was like £20.59 or something using Civiclife discount direct or £19.99 on their eBay?
  8. I just took it to my mechanic after as I thought I'd get a few things looked at whilst its there like why it handles like a pig. ( rears have 3.5 degrees camber, fronts have 2 and 1/4....) Turns out the thermostat was in the wrong way and it was broken..
  9. Ok my thermostat is here. If I try fit it myself do I need to worry about loosing coolant or anything or is it literally couple of bolts, take old out, put new in and done? Looked over a few guides and some people say about dropping the coolant and other things like air bubbles in the system etc
  10. Where can I find a temp guage sensor? As for thermostat, I've learnt in the past buying non Honda parts can just prolong the headache and for £20 delivered, I'd much rather go genuine first time
  11. So I drove to the Bristol meet last night, about 40/50 miles or so, and the car temperature gauge never really moved. For a lot of the trip it was at the bottom or up a little bit and if I stop at traffic lights it moves up to sort of a third of the way up. Is it meant to sit at the half way mark on the temp guage? Every other Honda I have had did and did within a 5/6 miles of driving. New thermostat or something more sinister?
  12. I don't wash my cars..would it be worth buying one to use over winter once a week to make up for the fact I don't wash it or it is it a waste of money
  13. So my idel is bouncy and the eml came on, code 14. Now my mechanic said I can do it myself, just undo the two bolts, clean it and replace it but every video I have seen on pootube shows people disconnecting the two coolant hose and making a mess or having to plug them with something. Can I do it the way I was told or do I need to remove the pipes as well?
  14. This has probably been asked a million times sorry but is it only the arb from the v6 as as there's a 1.8 version as well. Does the year matter ?
  15. If the mg zs knob is the golf ball looking one, there was one on my deck when I bought it but it had some electrical or PTFE tape around the thread on the gear stick to make it fit but it still span around with little effort. Horrible looking thing though so it now lives in the glove box!
  16. Not the right one then! What sorta price should I expect to pay for a rear ZS arb?
  17. Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=121103333104&alt=web It doesn't say if it's front or rear and I don't have a clue What sorta price should I be looking for one if this isn't one? Cheers
  18. Cheers for that. Just looks a little odd compared to my old eg as they were smooth outside and you couldn't see the rear light wiring from the outside. Need to fit my plate as it's been off for like 3 days now....!
  19. It won't get sorted till next week as I don't have time, and I need to find some axel stands as well.. Its on my list of things that I want to do but probably won't on my week off!
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