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  1. im going to live with it tbh cant be arsed changing everything again. its only a small noise anyway.
  2. I have rc550 injectors and a walbro pump if you would like to buy it? i would give you the pump fitting to the cap ready to fit and the injectors already on the rail? @dogg1210
  3. Nah man haha im the one who fixes it. i took the box to a gearbox specialist and he said every bearing is perfect (like new) and he couldnt find much wrong so he replaced the mainshaft bearings but still no hope. He suggested that it might be the output gear to the diff that is damaged but that cost way to much to fix.
  4. Hello all, Im really starting to lose love in my mb i have had it for a year and its been going good but a month ago something from the front end started whining. It only happens once you slightly press the accelerator or when you're maintaining speed, like holding at 30... Once i depress the clutch the noise disappears. I had my mainshaft bearings replaced and i have replaced the clutch and thrust bearing. Nothing had changed :/ The whine started when my brother missed a gear and obviously it high revved ( didnt hit limiter) Cheers!
  5. see im trying to stay away from block work :/ i just keep thinking is the 2 grand worth the 50-60 hp difference?
  6. ahh right! cheers thats gave me something to think about :/
  7. Yeah i heard that but the whale induction sounds immense!
  8. really? ive seen a few with dc2 cams, s2 intake, exhaust inc mani, 70 mm s2 tb running 220? im meaning at the fly btw.
  9. Hello all! After a long time thinking of what build i want to go with im leaning towards N/A but i have a couple of questions to ask:- 1. Is there any definite mods i should do that helps power 2. Is there a different head option that would help? 3. What kind of clutch would i need for a 220bhp build? stage2? 4. I have big fuel injectors, will i benefit from these on n/a? PS. running a b18c4 with 2.5" exhaust and whale p***s induction. Thanks!!
  10. Hmm might have to sell it on. He told me it was 2.5"
  11. I got sent a 2" exhaust manifold after ordering a 2.5" for my 2.5" exhaust so should i just sell the 2" one on or would it work perfectly fine after i get a 2" decat? mb6 cheers!
  12. Happily pull the box out just dont want to take it out if it doesnt need a box
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