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  1. im going to live with it tbh cant be arsed changing everything again. its only a small noise anyway.
  2. I have rc550 injectors and a walbro pump if you would like to buy it? i would give you the pump fitting to the cap ready to fit and the injectors already on the rail? @dogg1210
  3. Nah man haha im the one who fixes it. i took the box to a gearbox specialist and he said every bearing is perfect (like new) and he couldnt find much wrong so he replaced the mainshaft bearings but still no hope. He suggested that it might be the output gear to the diff that is damaged but that cost way to much to fix.
  4. Hello all, Im really starting to lose love in my mb i have had it for a year and its been going good but a month ago something from the front end started whining. It only happens once you slightly press the accelerator or when you're maintaining speed, like holding at 30... Once i depress the clutch the noise disappears. I had my mainshaft bearings replaced and i have replaced the clutch and thrust bearing. Nothing had changed :/ The whine started when my brother missed a gear and obviously it high revved ( didnt hit limiter) Cheers!
  5. see im trying to stay away from block work :/ i just keep thinking is the 2 grand worth the 50-60 hp difference?
  6. ahh right! cheers thats gave me something to think about :/
  7. Yeah i heard that but the whale induction sounds immense!
  8. really? ive seen a few with dc2 cams, s2 intake, exhaust inc mani, 70 mm s2 tb running 220? im meaning at the fly btw.
  9. Hello all! After a long time thinking of what build i want to go with im leaning towards N/A but i have a couple of questions to ask:- 1. Is there any definite mods i should do that helps power 2. Is there a different head option that would help? 3. What kind of clutch would i need for a 220bhp build? stage2? 4. I have big fuel injectors, will i benefit from these on n/a? PS. running a b18c4 with 2.5" exhaust and whale p***s induction. Thanks!!
  10. Hmm might have to sell it on. He told me it was 2.5"
  11. I got sent a 2" exhaust manifold after ordering a 2.5" for my 2.5" exhaust so should i just sell the 2" one on or would it work perfectly fine after i get a 2" decat? mb6 cheers!
  12. Happily pull the box out just dont want to take it out if it doesnt need a box
  13. Oil has been changed just incase it needed topped up. its on 96k I was just trying to cancel out certain things like thrust bearing it only does it once im moving and can hear it initially once i slightly depress the throttle. i dont know if the harder i accelerate the louder because the exhaust is so loud haha. should i just get a 2nd box or refurb the one i have got? are diff bearings hard to do?
  14. Hello all, I have came across a weird whine coming from the gearbox side of things. The whine is like when you try to accelerate in reverse but it only happens when im up at say 30+ and i slightly press the accelerator pedal like im trying to maintain speed. it usually gets worse the faster i go but as soon as i let go of the throttle it stops? Any ideas? Cheers!
  15. Well hopefully get a paint correction (stage 3) done then polybush the rear of the car since the bushes have definitely seen better days!! I would love to turbo it but im still not sure if i want to do it.
  16. Cheers folks! im a perfectionist so im sadly still not happy with the paint
  17. After all the hassle of painting the wheels grey i thought of another idea for the look and to stand out. I went for apex lowering springs and painted the wheels fiat 750f. which i think makes the MB pop! This picture is just after a clean using:- Autosmart snowfoam ( bought 25L) Red 7 natural wheel cleaner Meguiars ultimate wash Poorboy's black hole polish Poorboy's sealant Poorboy's natty wax Williams waterless wash and wax to add to the shine and protection Uk valet tyre shine.
  18. I wish i could show you the grey wheels and headlights together but it isnt letting me upload the photo even though its under the size limit Well anyway from there i got a bit bored of the quiet vtec from the standard air box so a whale p***s intake was ordered Only pic i have showing the rocker, strut brace painted with the whale intake.
  19. Then tackling the headlights Im just not a fan of the amber in the headlights and i prefered the black insert look so i bought a spare set of headlights off a fellow civic5 member just in case i made a mess and needed to drive to work but all came out fine no water getting in!
  20. The wheels were done in a dark grey and i painted the calipers cadbury purple to stand out The purple was scary to be honest but i think it works with the car.
  21. Well since I have been on this forum for a little while now I suppose I should show how the civic is going even though there is plenty to come! This is the way i bought her, clean unmodified (except from the back box) was perfect to start with. The car was very well looked after when i got her FSH inside was immaculate one arch needed done but that didnt bother me it was straight into the paintshop for repair with a new panel. The power of the b18 still impresses me for the age of the car! From there I hated the original 5 spoke just not my taste so I purchased a set of speedlines in need of refurb. This is them after a sandblast and powdercoat primer. Some how it wont let me put more picture in this post so i will continue below!
  22. The ones that came with some mb6's well they advertised honda so i just ordered them and hoped to be honest
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