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  1. what coilovers/springs fit on mb6??

    No bother mate will give them a bell and find out cheers.
  2. what coilovers/springs fit on mb6??

    Where can I get meister r coilovers for mc2? Website says out of stock? Thanks
  3. EML light on B18c4

    Hi mate yeah I've tried that was still the same cars started running poor, took the dizzy cap off to find it smashed to bits.. Found the bolt had came out the rotor arm
  4. EML light on B18c4

    Engine managment light came on last night, checked the codes first thing this morning :- 9 CID Sensor (Number 1 Cylinder position) defective circuit or unplugged / defective sensor (car is running fine, rev counter sitting slightly higher but sure that is down to a sticky clocks) can anyone help me out on what this could be? cheers.
  5. ABS and SRS light on, mc2 vtis

    Hi guys was on way home from work one night driving along and my abs light came on.. After getting home and leaving it turned off for an hour or so it went off, After about a mile of driving it came back on and has been on ever since. No Idea what the car had had new abs rings all round about a year ago? Also was changing my headlights over last night and my car battery died, after jump starting the SRS light has decided to come on and stay on.. Any common faults or ideas to what could be causing this? Cheers
  6. My civic mc2 :)

    Yeah I am mate not got a option at the moment! Cheers mate love them to drive with hug you like mad lol
  7. My civic mc2 :)

    Cold day cleaning few pictures of my recaros
  8. My civic mc2 :)

    I suppose it is mate lol! Will do mate got some plans for it soon!
  9. My civic mc2 :)

    Cheers guys! Will keep yous up to date with any mods too come maybe start a build thread! Il get a few pics of my recaros at the weekend see what yous think of them!
  10. My civic mc2 :)

    I know mate on a training course staying in hotel finally got a bit of time to do it! Yeah DD is stunning too! thanks bud got the drivers on in on Saturday wasn't as bad as I was expecting just a bit more cutting lol
  11. My civic mc2 :)

    She isn't half mate took a lot of searching to find it!
  12. My civic mc2 :)

    Hi everyone a little bit about myself seeing as this is my first post, names Jordan, live in Edinburgh I have a aerodeck vti-s, 122k on the clock. Got the car fairly standard bar the alloys being white and a custom cat back exhaust, had it for about 6 months now done a few bits and Bobs myself! Started off with the small bits led number plate bulbs, wind deflectors , and redoing the rocker cover and strut brace wrinkle red! Found myself buying a set of red dc2 recaros 3 weeks ago couldn't resist lol! Got round to fitting them last weekend managed to modify spare rails I had to fit so wasn't to bad lol let me know what you guys think will get pictures up asap .
  13. Red dc2 seat modification

    Ah I see mate, I managed the passenger one on Sunday took a bit of modifying lol but got it in sitting nice and low too! Just need to tackle the drivers side, but the doner Mb rails I've got have the height adjustment which means the brackets are slightly different!
  14. Red dc2 seat modification

    Also what did you do about the seat belt buckles? Are they not attached to one of the brackets you have too take off?
  15. Red dc2 seat modification

    Thanks for the replies! Chandler did you get away without welding then mate?