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  1. Il have a look on Rimmerbros mate. Perfect I will try get my first start video up tonight
  2. Thanks mate!! Most annoying thing is missing bolts and fixings, still finding things I'm missing.. proper pain lol. I have a video of the first start, not sure if I can post it up on here or not?
  3. Perfect I will defo give that a go and see how she runs on the P28. Not long started the car to be honest, have only done one heat cycle on the engine. Will keep you updated thanks for that!
  4. Yeah the p28 I have has a chip with chrome on it I'm sure. I will need to open it up and see if I can fit a Hondata board into it. I have a second Aerodeck that's running a p28 with some sort of chip / Board but I've never really had a look at it. Do you know if it is a straight plug and play to fit a P28 into a aerodeck?
  5. If it breaks 200 I will be over the moon. Not really spoke to anyone who has went b18c4 bottom end with b18c head, so not 100% on what sort of figures to expect? Still need to decide on what ECU I want to run as its still the standard Aerodeck ECU. Im sure I have a spare chipped p28 lying about somewhere so will be my best bet when it comes to getting it mapped.
  6. Thanks mate! Yeah wasn't happy to say the least lol
  7. Thought I would give a little update from when I last posted. So when I originally took the car off the road it was due to a misfire I couldn't diagnose this ended up being the least of its problems. The car then became a project from that moment onwards, everything got stripped off and put aside apart from the interior. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was then informed I would have to leave the lock up the car was in. Luckily I had use of another unit and i was able to keep the car there. Unfortunately 2 days before my leave day the unit was cleared out by a company and I lost at least two thirds of all fixings and miscellaneous parts I had taken off. The car was then left sitting on axle stands for the next 3 years.. Fast forward to today and the Aerodeck now runs and is nearly ready to see the road again. Brief spec of the car. Engine - B18c4 with a b18c ported head. Block has been decked and honed, standard pistons and rods just refreshed with new rings and all new bearings etc. Cylinder head has been skimmed and completely refreshed including slight porting. ARP head studs, Honda oil pump, Moroso sump, Skunk 2 inlet and 70mm Throttle body, AEM fuel rail and Regulator. Walbro 255 fuel pump. Tegiwa radiator with slimline fan. AEM long arm induction kit Gearbox - Standard S9B gearbox has innovative Gear linkage with short shifter. Uprated detent springs, Competition clutch, RPC flywheel. Suspension / Brakes- Hardrace Front and Rear lower control arms Hardrace inverted track rod ends Hardrace Front and rear camber arms Yellowspeed Rear toe arms Buddyclub P1 extended front ball joints Meister R coilovers with Protective socks. Braided brake lines and Clutch line. EBC brakes Still a lot to do but the goal is to have it on the road by the summer .
  8. No bother mate will give them a bell and find out cheers.
  9. Where can I get meister r coilovers for mc2? Website says out of stock? Thanks
  10. Hi mate yeah I've tried that was still the same cars started running poor, took the dizzy cap off to find it smashed to bits.. Found the bolt had came out the rotor arm
  11. Engine managment light came on last night, checked the codes first thing this morning :- 9 CID Sensor (Number 1 Cylinder position) defective circuit or unplugged / defective sensor (car is running fine, rev counter sitting slightly higher but sure that is down to a sticky clocks) can anyone help me out on what this could be? cheers.
  12. Hi guys was on way home from work one night driving along and my abs light came on.. After getting home and leaving it turned off for an hour or so it went off, After about a mile of driving it came back on and has been on ever since. No Idea what the car had had new abs rings all round about a year ago? Also was changing my headlights over last night and my car battery died, after jump starting the SRS light has decided to come on and stay on.. Any common faults or ideas to what could be causing this? Cheers
  13. Yeah I am mate not got a option at the moment! Cheers mate love them to drive with hug you like mad lol
  14. Cold day cleaning few pictures of my recaros
  15. I suppose it is mate lol! Will do mate got some plans for it soon!
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