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  1. Cheers, wondering where you purchased the BC's from? I loved the Meisters on my old MX5 and I have them on my Shuttle. Wheels wise not 100% but liking the Integra SW98 type wheels. Looking for an OEMish look. Yep the MX5 is the current daily, not running any boost or anything just a 1.8 G-Limited on HSDs and SSR Mk3s.
  2. @noodels Cheers! I saw it come up for sale on Ebay and promptly contacted the owner and saw it the next day and put a deposit down! 2 owners 78,000 miles Only modifications were the grill, lights and whale p*nis induction Hoping to keep as standard as possible as the interior and boy is very clean. Will probably sort out the foglights somehow but ideally keep it stock as still have other cars to tinker with. I have been looking into Meisters and wheels though Hows your MC2 doing @noodels?
  3. I'm back in an Aerodeck and for once I've picked up a car thats decent
  4. Thanks guys! The B18 is the best engine I've ever driven, well I haven't driven a lot but compared to a 1275cc Mini, Mazda Eunos 1.6 and Honda Civic Shuttle 1.6 SOHC VTEC, the B18 keeps going!!!
  5. Not at all. You need to spend decent money to find a decent German whip. The servicing costs are ridiculous! If anyone know of a decent VTI for sale please let me know... the B18 has me wanting!
  6. I ended up selling... then bought a BMW 320d... turns out clutch might be on its way and bushes need doing. So damn expensive, makes me miss the Aerodeck for all its faults... so now I'm on the look out for another one. A decent one this time!
  7. Thanks for the replies. @Grant thought as much - you never get what you put in. @Krzys apologies didn't mean for it to look like an ad. I'll have a look at advertising in the classified section now.
  8. So it's been a while and I've basically been just driving the car and using it for to commute to work and going to car video related events and shoots. It's been great and very dependable but can be thirsty on the motorway. The space is awesome and having a DOHC VTEC has been a pleasure but as I will be now doing more motorway driving I'll now be looking for a diesel so unfortunately the Aerodeck may have to go. As a forum I'd like to ask what would be a realistic sale price for the Aerodeck. Spec as follows: 70,000 miles on the clock BUT as mentioned before it has had an engine swap. Still pulls as it should and no smoking.Cambelt, water pump and coolant change FEB 2015New tyres all round and tracking FEB 2015Replaced interior (still have carpet to go in)Overall a solid Aerodeck to either put back to glory by fixing the below Few marks and dents as to be expected, slight bubble of rust under the paint on the drivers side front wingBoth front foglight lenses are cracked but still work (have acrylic sheet to cut and put in place)AC not installed but have an AC pump waiting to be installed if neededHandbrake light and ABS light still on - haven't got around to looking at it but still stops well!I'd love to keep but saving for a wedding and trying to keep costs down. Price wise I know that the replacement engine will put people off straight away but it is still a bloody good engine regardless, with all the above in mind and everything I've spent it owes me over £1600 easily but in my head, to sell, I think that £1200 would be a decent starting price? What do you all think? (please be kind but honest) Thanks!
  9. BiMU

    Kinks mc2

    Oh wow. I didn't even see that shock bit! Did you hack saw it... looks close.
  10. BiMU

    Kinks mc2

    Holy moly! Was this easy to do? I have the shocks already, is it really a case of taking off off the forks then grinding down? Real nice work mans!
  11. @UnicyclingTom - did you do the front shock mod? I've read that the standard MGZS front suspension rides a bit higher. I'm wondering if it's an easy job. I managed to get the UniRoyal tyres on and the tracking done. So much better as it doesn't squiggle all over the place - now it's straight as an arrow. The tracking did flag an issue with the rear drivers side camber - this could be due to a worn trailing arm bush or bent camber arm so will need to look into this in the future.
  12. Cheers man! Definitely need one at some point but I've already spent my quota for two months: Some UniRoyal Rainsport 3's 195/50/15's from CamSkill very good price at £144 including next day delivery. Then picked up the MGZS shocks for £65. No leaks and all the part numbers are correct. Hopefully can get the tyres and tracking done tomorrow - friend is going to try and sort it out. Then put the shocks on when it gets slightly warmer, means I can also test out properly and feel the difference between each mod. After that need to source that elusive MGZS rear ARB and then it should handle much better. This totally is a budget build for me and passing up random bargains have been very difficult.
  13. Just wondering if this is the correct passenger mirror for the Deck? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PASSENGER-NEAR-SIDE-LHS-FLAT-HEATED-WING-DOOR-MIRROR-GLASS-FOR-HONDA-CIVIC-96-00-/370855015766?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&fits=Car+Make%3AHonda%7CModel%3ACivic%7CCars+Year%3A1999&hash=item5658ae7556