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  1. Thanks Chandler, Will try them. But any views on why Honda would not get their diagnostic tools to communicate with the ABS Unit? Surely they should have the equipment right?
  2. Hello All, Recently I replaced the ABS Sensor with a used working one as the seller said. However the light remained on. So I took it to the Dealers to diagnose it and they go they cannot get their diagnostic tools to communicate with the ABS Unit. They tested their tools on another civic MB4 and it worked which also had the abs light on. Any suggestions as to what it could be? They said replaced whole unit, and I simply said it will write the car off. Many Thanks
  3. HEllo Gel The reset procedures didnt work. No worries
  4. He charged me near £80 for it. When you say wire you mean the whole loom from the rear connector the abs pump?
  5. It's quite expensive even when used. Plus the person doesn't have any rear rights for sale. Don't want to fork out nearly £80s
  6. I pulled the code and got code 15 again. The person I bought it off from this forum was 100% sure they tested it and it was a working unit when sold. I watched the person who fitted it. I done ECU Reset. I followed the 20 ignition cycle to clear DTC. No luck. Any suggestions?
  7. Hello All, Recently bought a used but working ABS Sensor. Got code 15 so got a rear right sensor. Fitted sensor and the light has not turned off. Anyone know how to turn it off please? Many Thanks
  8. Hello All, I wanted to ask everyone on their view for aftermrket abs sensor. Im currently looking for a used abs sensor as its £225 from dealers which I will probably get if no used one comes by.
  9. Hello Ed, yeah I'm gonna go down the spacer route as the emissions are clean. I understand your point on the sensor. The CAT I got was http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/search/724600030/p/car-parts In terms of the sensor, I think they removed the sensor before removing the CAT but will find out for you.
  10. Yes, and to add I had emissions test done today and it passed without issue. All well within limits. So I guess I will try the post O2 sensor. I have no idea where the plug goes for it. :S Will ask mechanic to let me know.
  11. Hello All, I have an MC1 1.6 vtec 125. Will an abs sensor for the rear right off a vti-s work with my car? Thanks
  12. Thanks Andrew. I might get the sensor too and try that as well as cataclean. I did notice a bit of a chemical /exhaust type smell on start up. What smell should I expect from a foul cat? As I replaced it two months ago with part from ECP.
  13. haha, yeah I can appreciate that. I just wanted the car to run properly. What I'm gonna do is try some cataclean and get some prices for parts from dealers and report back
  14. Hello Gel, But would this lead to failing emissions test? I don't mind getting the spacer. Would you recommend 90 or 120 degree? Thanks, Aman
  15. Still no luck. I've been looking everywhere, but cannot find a good answer as to whether we can use any o2 sensor that mentions D16. As in I've seen one that is for D16Y7 but I've got a D16W4 or I've seen one for a D16B2 but can I use it for mines. Any help would be much appreciated as its over £250 at dealers for one ?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Car is running so crap with the light on. it was fine when I done ECU reset and light was off for a under 50 miles and ran soo good. Light on and it sounds rough and feels a bit slow. P.S. Pete I've got a 4 pin connector.
  16. Hello Pete, Umm I've not taken my connectors off. I may do that tomorrow and get back. Code wise I had dealer diagnose this but they said I got Catalyst low efficiency which seems to be P0420 I think? I've found an NGK one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181503439204 but not sure if its for my car. I have D16W4 engine so may be correct.
  17. Hello Everyone, I've got to change my O2 sensor for the exhaust manifold one. I don't really want to buy a £250 one from dealers. I've tried to look around and best I found was this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181503439204 NGK one (NGK0299) - OZA333-H26, Can someone tell me if this will suffice? Its for a Mc1 aerodeck 1.6 vtec 125 D16W4 engine. Some places I see 4 or 5 pin. 500m, 650mm, 350mm ,320mm. My car is a 1999 if that helps. I have tried the search but couldn't find a solid answer. Any more questions please fire them my way Many Thanks
  18. I think i managed to find the correct one. Euro Car parts do, do them but they didnt list it for my Reg. Mines is a 99' so probably the first of the OBD2 maybe. But yeah found it.
  19. I have a d16w4, i guess mine is an obd one
  20. Hello All, I bought a Cat from Euro Car Parts and they sent once without a lamda sensor hole. but everywhere I look they say 1.6 vtec aerodeck non-obd. Has anyone else face this problem where they are a cat with the sensor hole? If so any recommendations as to where to buy one? Im after one with the lamda hole, but the sellers im seing stat its without for engine code D16w4 :S:S:S
  21. lool, no sorry i think i haven't been too clear. My fault, but what I meant was a panel filter such as the K&N or green filters bmc panel etc.
  22. HI, yeah just a standard panel replacement. Krzys, could you kindly help me find a suitable one for a D series? I've looked but the cross references are all different numbers and im not too sure.
  23. Hello All, I've been searching everywhere for a panel filter for my civic. Its for a 1.6 D16W4 engine. Do these civic's share the same sized air box? If thats the case can I make use of a 1.8 panel filter for my 1.6 vtec? All help is appreciated. Many Thanks,
  24. It is, but Chandler as your's is a W reg and you say its 239mm I will go with your word. Once again Thank you all for your help here.
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