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  1. Oh I couldn't see them either but I thought that was just as I'm using phone :s
  2. there you go Matt For what it's worth, I'd leave the arches I thought the wheels looked perfect
  3. That's true, straighten front end properly has to be next
  4. Old plate covered on carbon vinyl with bracket and new plate attached. Chrome indicator bulbs back and front, led sidelights, smoke side indicators, new headlight bulbs, aero blade wipers, wheel/tyres changed, carbon gear knob, stubby aerial, tweeters and service parts so far. MOT today passed no advisory oh yes happy day. Bumper & bonnet still wonky. After 25yrs incident free I caught rear wheel arch of work mini bus on post in the car park - now I'm aka Bandicoot!!
  5. Aye it is ;). Had an idea, cover old plate in carbon vinyl and stick it back under the new bracket :). I have seen just one MB Civic in Liverpool - seem to have newer cars around here. Long drive back tomorrow but looking forward to my comfy bed
  6. Liverpool, have friends there, Scotland is so very tempting, but only long dead ancestors there. Here is the pic this afternoon after my Ebay purchase of number plate holder arrived. Planned on putting it right hand side but no give in the bracket and the bumper isn't flat there. Im thinking maybe sand down and either spray gunmetal where old plate was or carbon fibre vinyl it, which might look better.
  7. Lmao prefer driving to sitting on bonnet Lowered catch and raised bumper with few extra washers earlier, slight improvement, changed blue led sidelights for white, dont want to upset plod. (Shame though they looked good) On my 12 days release for good behaviour, all set for few days in Liverpool, staying with friends whilst checking out a few houses, planning on moving North
  8. Thanks for the advice. Back to work tomorrow 4x12hrs then 12 days off Will take a look then. I have found that sitting on the bonnet works well
  9. Garage I used to use gone bust so went to one more local. O/s light ok, n/s was going to the moon he said lol. Anyway job done and he didn't charge, just said take a business card. I know where I'm going for the MOT in couple months time. Apparently blue led side lights aren't legal. How I wish the bulbs were easier to get at!!
  10. Thanks for the encouragement - think I detect a nice wee Scots accent there Was out polishing earlier, bonnet is pretty crap, scratched and paint so thin it's almost gone. Considering a Pirates Black one. Booked in for headlight adjustment soon so hope not to annoy anyone at night. As its been cat C three times I think the front end has most likely seen a lot of action lol, the rubber stops appear to be set as low as they'll go.
  11. Osram Nightbreaker bulbs on dipped with blue led sidelights (blue not showing in pic). Think I'll go get them adjusted tomorrow, looking like they'll make huge difference to night driving @Dave
  12. Lol love technology They're only 15" but seem to sit wide. Got them via eBay Fox Lionharts £60. Ordered clear side indicators but wrong ones turned up, so exchanging for black crystal as they only had those in stock to fit, think they'll look ok. LED front indicator bulbs on the way, square front no. plate and adjustable bracket. Think I've become teenager again
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