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  1. Nope I sold it earlier this year. It was still going great despite 189k on the engine. I would have kept it a bit longer but ther was an abs fault i couldnt sort out cpuldnt get through mot like that. The buyer took it and stripped it despite saying otherwise. I've now got a 2.5 Forester XT which is just as sensible and practical.Still love those old Hondas though. Apart from rot they were awesome.
  2. Yep I had both sides repaired. Want the prettiest but cut out and patched over. My sills were still good though. The plastic will covers unscrew underneath. The slide them either forwards from memory to get them off the clips.
  3. Just another point. I had a pair of cheapo matching brand tyres on the front of my mc2. Even after wheel alignment it would pull. Swapped front to back and I now have 2 old Michelins on the front and the problem has gone away... different quality between 2 tyres of the same brand may be a cause.
  4. Minor update: The tank and pump finally arrived. Pump assy looks ok and the tank is a lot better than what I can see of my current one. Thought I would clean it up a little as there was some rust around the seams and on the top. Out wire brush attachments for the grinder and drill... took off as much of the surface scale as I could, treated with Jenolite, then zinc primer and a thick coat of hammerite black. I'm sure the underseal on the bottom is hiding more patches but for now I don't have the enthusiasm. Once all dry it will get a good coat of acf50 all round the seams and over the top before I stick it in.
  5. Cheers guys. Frustrated at the moment. I ordered another tank and pump which should have been here yesterday. Still waiting and not really impressed. I will get to enjoy it again soon! Needs tweaking a bit as there appears to be a weight on the gear lever end of the shift rod which is touching the exhaust, so when the tank is done and fumes gone Mr angle grinder will come out again
  6. Nope not been much fun. I'd love to be able to enjoy it. Oh well onwards I guess! Hopefully not too much else will go wrong and I can get round to doing the more enjoyable stuff like driving and polishing ha ha
  7. And now for more joy... Can honestly say I've never had so many issues from one car before, including older high mileage civics! After getting a whiff of fuel vapour when parked up and the smell getting stronger I investigated... back of the tank was wet and dripping onto thw garage floor. Turns out the high pressure feed pipe from the pump has corroded through at the connector for a short length of plastic line. It literally broke off when i poked it covering me with a shower of fuel from residual pressure in the line... the tank seams don't look too pretty either, so a replacement good used tank and pump assembly has been ordered. If it wasn't in the garage at the time I'd have lit a match and got the marshmallows out! Beginning to think I have a duffer, and one which has spent life near the coast.
  8. @KiNK43 yep it was. Same problem with the bolts holding the rear shifter bush on. Another job for dremel/grinder lol. Never had this many issues even on older civics.
  9. Did I mention it was a good idea to change all the engine mounts... What an utter ball ache of a job. Top mounts were ok. The lower torque mounts however were another story... It would seem that they have never been changed. The left hand side was completely shot (which I reckon is the cause of the car pulling when accelerating). Now comes the fun bit... Both bolts holding the mount have captive welded nuts in the chassis leg. With a good few years of motoring, the bolts were pretty well corroded in place. The rear nut decided not to play ball and came adrift, at which point the air turned blue... So out came the drill and angle grinder, and a few holes and (not so neat) cuts later i had an access hole through the wing to hold the nut with. Some "engineered" counter holding devices were employed while i got back under the car and extracted said bolt. Same story on the drivers side! So i gave up at 11pm last night, and i will resume shenanigans on Wednesday. I'll have to sort a small plate out to cover the hole up until i can get the nut welded again and a plate welded over it. Oh and the exhaust had been bodged as well... The mid section had been cut out, and a piece and piece of 60mm pipe fitted over the existing 2" section, clamped on one end with an exhaust clamp, and the other end with a jubilee clip and some thin exhaust repair steel. and LOTS of exhaust paste. So this was sorted as well. I got length of 2" exhaust pipe, some proper exhaust sleeves and fixed it until i can afford a decent system for it. The engine and torque mounts will help reduce the flex on the exhaust system as well now. So thats it for now... I have another set of stalks to fit soon, shift linkage bushes and a short shift I had from a previous civic, MG ZS rear arb and at some point when i feel like some more pain i will change the rear engine mount too. Getting there slowly and painfully, but i'm hoping the mounts will freshen up the drive a bit. When the weather improves it will be time to sort out the body work with a full decontamination, and paint correction as she needs some love. In between that i hope she doesnt collapse in a pile of red oxide.
  10. Very nice! shame about the bump though. I like the steering wheel re-trim as well - did you get that done locally?
  11. Might be worth checking the main relay that runs the fuel pump? I know the Eg's used to have problems with these, down to a dry solder joint inside the relay.
  12. Yes. I ordered the dc2 ones. The only things I found were that instead of the 2 m8 bolts holding the arb mounts, there was an m8 stud on the compliance housing instead of a hole. So I fitted m8 nuts. Also, the thickness of the pressing is less than that of the original cast compliance bush housing, so found I needed a couple of washers under the main bolts. Other than that it all went together ok. Pressing bushes in yourself is a really pain in the @ss though!
  13. Thanks @dr_broon. Yes the rears are both michelin so I'll swap them this weekend and see. It may even get a wash lol. Sending the zs 180 suspension back as I hadn't realised that the fronts although stiffer were actually longer as well. Still got the rear arb to fit too
  14. A couple quick photos of the rocker cover improvement... Looks better. Still got lads of tidying to do. I hate rusty brackets and bolts!
  15. No new pics yet but the car is back on the road. DC2 type R NSF replacement shaft, OSF shaft outer boot replaced, front lower wishbone bushes all installed and front alignment done yesterday. Seems a bit better but it's still pulling quite hard to the left when accelerating. Possible causes: 2 different brand cheapo front tyres, soft/worn engine mounts and lower torque mounts (uneven torque distribution as the engine angle changes - not sure but I have new mounts to install anyway), or worn upper control arms and ball joints. Fun fun! On a positive note, I repainted the rad stay and condenser brackets, and the crinkle black rocker cover seems to have come out well. (Pics to be added later). Still loads of little jobs to do but she will get there.
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