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  1. It's a pain that it's done with a cut off by date registered. Anything registered before 1st March 2001 is non-compliant. Apparently that is the date that most car makers started to comply with the Euro 4 emissions standard for petrols. This apparently became compulsory in 2006. The auction already has 21 bids with five days still left to run, so it looks like it will survive for a few more years.
  2. Am I right that the D Series SOHC engines fitted to the MB Civics are designed in the following way? As far as I can tell, the valve cover needs to be removed in order to remove the top timing belt cover? I have changed a timing belt in the past on a SOHC D Series engine. I had changed the valve cover gasket before. I noticed at the time that the valve cover had to be removed in order to remove the plastic timing belt cover. While the valve cover was off, I removed the plastic cover and ground off the lip that fits into the slot on the valve cover. That way, when the be
  3. Another suggested ebay listed car that is not suitable for the London low emissions zone. Not my car, and I have no connection with the seller. Silver 1998 1.5 VTEC MB. Has a few scrapes on the bodywork but the interior looks tidy. Low mileage at 68,000. May be of interest to someone here? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HONDA-CIVIC-1-5-VTEC-TOWBAR/324476569230?hash=item4b8c4f868e:g:XnUAAOSwFsxgHZa3
  4. This came up as a suggested item on ebay during my frequent searches for a London Compliant MB. May be of interest to someone here? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114653650026
  5. I see that it's being sold by a private seller. With mileage that low it could be an older person who is selling it cheap. A dealer would likely be asking more than double that price. Could that engine have actually seen excessive wear as it has presumably done a lot of short local journeys? I have seen it said that mileage too low can be as bad as high. I have an original sales brochure that shows leather seats as a factory option, but from what I have seen on cars for sale they were not common. Was that style of alloys discontinued early? I have only seen
  6. I saw this car for sale in my search for an MB that meets the London emissions regulations, which this one does not. It is not my car, and I do not have any connection with the seller. It's a dark blue R Reg automatic with apparently just 35,000 miles. Fitted with leather seats which I have not seen on any other that I have seen for sale. May be of interest to someone on here? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202101228230823
  7. I also notice that the listing for the blue one doesn't show a photo of the rear of the car, so the model badge cannot be seen. Am I right that a genuine sport model would always have a rear spoiler? That one does not. Perhaps that is also a 1.4S, with the seller thinking that the "S" means sport.
  8. This clean looking 1.4S Manual has been on ebay for a few weeks now. I thought it may be of interest here. It's not my car and I have no connection with the seller. Listing says 52,000 Miles from new. Looks to have the apparently rare large front fog lamps fitted in the front bumper. It is most likely being sold due to the coming London Ultra Low Emissions Zone expansion which will affect all petrol cars registered before 1st March 2001. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-Honda-Civic-1-4-S-5dr-a-c-Hatchback-Petrol-Manual/154262881828
  9. Thanks for the reply. They were asking £1295 a few weeks back. I am tempted to wait it out and see if it drops any more. I would probably be willing to pay up to £500 if it had a current MOT as the Y Plate MBs seem to be difficult to come by. Do the OEM body kit and rare fog lamps increase its value at all?
  10. A multimeter will not show the true condition of the battery. It is said that 4 years is the lifespan of a battery before it starts to lose effectiveness. Most garages and car spares shops should have a battery testing machine which will give a reading of the battery condition.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I know that these engines have a good reputation for reliability. The MOT history looks good. It has only ever had fails and advisories on consumable parts. There is no apparent history of failure due to rust. The car covered 28,000 miles in a year between its 2018 and 2019 MOTs. The engine bay also looks very tidy (see photo). I would do away with the nasty red and gold bits as soon as possible if I did buy it. The current asking price is £995 which is a lot with an expired MOT. Also, in my last post, the word
  12. Thanks for the reply. I have an original sales brochure which shows the body kit fitted, but the only clear photo is looking straight on from the side of the car. This made it difficult to tell compared to the photos in the post. Are the wind deflectors also original? That particular car is for sale in Birmingham at the moment and meets my requirement of being on a Y plate. However it has 182,000 miles on the clock and an expired MOT. Has it ever been seen on this form before? In my opinion the red and gold adds nothing to it. I think it would look far bette
  13. Does the body kit fitted in these photos appear to be genuine or aftermarket? This is not my car, just photos seen online.
  14. Sorry I meant to say per £260 per year. I got distracted as I was typing the reply. It seems that it is not possible to edit the post now.
  15. Not yet. I currently have a 1990s non-Honda car. The cars are not completely banned. You will have to pay a £12.50 daily charge to drive an older car into the zone. Residents living in the zone apparently get a discount but I am not sure how much. I was aware of the tax issue. According to the official tax checker, the 1.4 Sport would cost £260 per year to tax. I agree completely that keeping an existing car going causes less waste than building a new one.
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