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need help asap with my gearbox ? i think it busted or something


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What should i do know or what ?

More less i was revesing up the hill and i let the clutch out to hard by accident and i heard a bang and the car stopped and it wouldnt move.it was stuck in gear but we were able to revese it on up the hill and then there was a bad smell of clutch. Gear box is gone i think. He said something about a release bearing.

It was on a 1.5 vtec engine, would it be hard to fix or what ?

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Yup, release bearing sounds about right mate. If that's gone, you won't be able to select/deselect gears. Gearbox out job, new release bearing in and probs best to fit new clutch at same time. ;-) Gearbox itself should be fine.

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